If you are new to this blog, you might’ve wondered: What does TEAL Sustainably stand for?

The answer is simple: Think consciously, Eat healthy, Act wisely, Live Sustainably.

How do I go about it?

As in many cases there is no one solution. No simple answer. Instead there are many ways, how this can be achieved. Each of us has to find their own way, as we are all in different situations and stages in life. So that’s great, as it means anyone with the will to change can take it in their own hands! Right now, right away – no excuses.

Once I started to research how I could change my own life, I realized, that there are also many levels of depth one can reach. They all seem to be inherently connected, which is great, because it means one can start with whatever one is most interested in. And by starting at that given point one can influence other levels at the same time or over a period of time.

Think, Eat, Act, Live are therefore only keywords or guidelines to get started on understanding the different levels.

Think consciously

Get informed and be aware of issues. If I know what effect my actions have in another part of the world. I can make more conscious choices. I can indirectly influence trends.

Trends are made up by a few individuals, then followed by many other conscious individuals who believe in it. Lastly followed by the ‘unaware’ masses that see a trend and follow it because it is ‘in’. When I look at global trends, I, who still feels like a part of the ‘unaware masses’, can see the trend.

I have seen it for a long time now and it still amazes me to see more and more businesses jump on the ship. The initial ring leaders have come a long way! And I firmly believe it is time for me to jump on the ship with all I’ve got, instead of observing the happenings from a distance. If we want to change something in the world, we have to start by changing how we perceive reality.

Eat healthy

The food network is huge! Food moves people, no matter where they are at in life. Food is also the main factor that we can control and influence directly: By making healthy choices you can directly influence your own well-being. By supporting fairtrade and local farmers you can directly influence markt trends and producers. By chosing plastic free or environmentally friendly packages, by prefering  organic products, by limiting yourself as much as possible to what is seasonally available, and by supporting environmentally conscious businesses you can influence the environment.

Act wisely

Knowledge is only as powerful as your actions that are making use of it. Practice healthy habits, change the environment that you can influence directly and indirectly. Whether at home, at work or in your relationships. Implement sustainable strategies and practices into your daily life and you soon can tap yourself on the back and be proud: You’ve made it, you ARE living more sustainably.

Live sustainably

Meaning, to act sustainably on all levels of being. This would be the deepest level, the most holistic approach that not only looks beyond the obvious choices that one can make, but also implements strategies on all levels. Guided by core values and principles, commited to have the least negative and greatest positive impact one can have on the environment. There is no ‘perfect state’ one can reach, instead it is the commitment to constant improvement, constant learning and adaptating to the ever changing circumstances around us.

Now, the theory makes it sound so easy, but reality is full of challenges, as we all know.

I too am just getting started on this green journey. Yet, I have learned that challenges are what make life interesting, and often even fun!

All you need is to believe: be confident that you can do it! And then take on the mindeset that you can beat these challenges. Think of your favorite hero in a movie or  a game character in your favorite game: they all struggle, but they know it is worth it and eventually succeed! And so can you!

To live more sustainably, I’ll look at this journey as a fun experiment with positive outcomes. I’ll challenge myself to become the best and healthiest me that I can be. And because sharing is important, I hope that I can inspire and help you to take your own steps towards the right direction. So, believe in yourself: You can do this! Whether you are taking your time and move forward with baby steps, or whether you are going ‘all in’ at once. What matters is that you start – start by changing something!


“Believe in yourself: You can do this! Whether you are taking your time and move forward with baby steps, or whether you are going all in at once. What matters is that you start – start by changing something!”


Throughout this blog you can follow me on my struggles, my attempts and findings and you are welcome to join me and help me, if you are thinking I’m missing out on something! Feedback is definitely welcome 🙂

Thank you and enjoy!

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