Hey, this is Kristin 🙂 

When reading personal development content you often get confronted with all kinds of questions.

The same thing happened this morning and it struck me, that this would be a good way to share with you who I am.  Inspired by the questions in a book, I wrote this interview.

If you think I left anything out that you would like to know, please feel free to post it in the comments!


Update 2021:

The irony of life has it that I had to write another interview as part of my Master Key Experience class. Since it is all about my goals and dreams, I figured why not share this here, so you can see where this blog is heading to:

— Fictional press release of where I want to be am at in 2028 —

Q: Who are you and what background are you from?

A: Did you notice that ‘Who am I?’ is a really difficult question?

Of course, I can answer here and now that my name is Kristin and that I sometimes live in Dresden (Germany) and at other times somewere else in this world.

But those facts don’t mean much, right?

I’ve been intrigued with this question for a long time, and hoped to find the answer on my travels. But it is an elusive answer, as time and experience tend to change people and I found that there is no static answer to this question.

About  six years ago I first heard of the Myer-Briggs Personality types. After taking the test many times through different companies (always with the same result), it was time for me to understand what this actually meant.

As self-development has always fascinated me, I spend hours reading free articles (thanks to A.J. Drenth from personality junkie for that) to learn what dynamics (=’funtions’) make up a ‘type’.

Whilst I believe that people can’t be labeled in a black & whte sense, there are certain ways they use their brains or certain preferances which allows one to understand their needs and quirks better.

Because each type is made up  of different set of functions and has some that they preferably use.

To come back to the question:

I confirmed that am a idealist and dreamer. 😉

Thanks to my extroverted intution which loves to collect new information (much more than going into the gritty details), I make connections between concepts and come up with ideas.

At the same time organisation is not my greatest strength, as it it naturally is an opposite function. 

So let me know, if the blog should become too confusing!

For the same reason, I will often refer you to good books, websites or blogs that have a lot of great information about specific topics.

You then can broaden your horizon further and dig as deep into a topic as you want to. 🙂 


Q: Ok, Ok. What about your background?

A: I come from a small, middle to lower class family and was brought up without any religion. I dare say that this is part of the reason why I find topics about ‘eastern’ spirituality and the connectedness of everything intriguing.

When I was young my fathers greatest concern was to be economic. Though I disliked it much as a kid, turning into an adult I find that it helped me sustain a very simple life as a backpacker. And I learned to be more resourceful.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how much you own.

What matters is, where you are and with whom and what you make out of it.

Money is really only needed to feel financial security. That is, to know that you can provide yourself with the basic needs and maybe even have enough to help others or support a good cause.



Q: That’s a good point. What would you do in a world where money didn’t matter, your basic needs were met and you would be free to live your life as you want? 

Explore! I just love the freedom of traveling.

That feeling of independance.

Most of the time, you can decide what your day will look like.

There are no appointments to keep or calls or deadlines to make. Those tend to make me feel a bit anxious and like a hamster in his wheel. But of course it all depends, how meaningful the deadlines and appointments are! 

If that’s what it takes to save someone or something I care for, count me in! 

Whenever possible  I try to become aware and remember to just enjoy the moment.

Life seems to be full of those beautiful moments, but we get used to them, so it needs persistance to remember that nothing is for granted.

If you find a perfectly lovely place to sit down and appreciate the world around you: Do it.

Because time doesn’t matter and you are allowed to slow down and just think, dream or stare into the space without thinking (basically meditating with open eyes).

My time on the road created many special memories for me: I met amazing people and had many inspiring encounters. Often random strangers would help me and their kindness will always live on in me! Even now I remember many of them and feel grateful for having been able to meet these people.

Naturally, I also had challenges. They taught me more about ‘who I really am’ and what I can do than school. I think traveling is always also a journey back to your inner core. It is a mix that allows you to first find and then be yourself. A truely a freeing feeling. 


Q: Would you not become bored after a while?

Yes and no! I don’t think I’ll ever grow borred of observing beauty around me.

Yet I also like to work and be busy with something. When I like the work I do I easily turn into a workaholic.

I definitely need the right balance between work and play, to ensure I don’t grow used to the novelties and blessings of travelling or tired of my work.

When I thought about this in the past I came to the conclusion that the key for not growing stale, would be to connect this passion for travelling with a higher purpose. Meaningful traveling, so to say. And the same goes for work.

Finding meaningful work will always keep people going.

And I am no exception, I love to give my best for a good cause.


the author sitting in an alpine meadow glassing for wildlife

Q: How does your blog Think Eat Act Live sustainably fit into this lifestyle?

I like to think of this blog as a synergy.

A synergy between work and play.

It is as much a meaningful and creative outlet to me, through which I hope to grow and develop my skills, as a way to reach and help others and  make a difference in this world.

The best about it is that I can blog from anywhere in the world, allowing me to to write about things I observe while travelling and share these insights with those who can’t travel as easily.

The beauty of it is, that I can write what I am passionate about

As mentioned before I use the function of extroverted intuition a lot.

This shows best in the many things I am interested in: nature, wildlife, beauty, photography, writing, video making, horses and cats and old and simple ways of living and spirituality – to name a few.

The one common nominator of all these interests is their connection to nature or the environment around me.

And in order to protect all, I see the folliwing solution:

To care more for the environment (plants, animals and people equally) by taking responsibility for my actions and by striving to live a sustainable life.

By looking for solutions and by supporting and promoting existing sustainable movements and ideas. This will be an important consideration for all my future travels!

I still feel that I am on the beginning of my journey to live sustainably, but by telling myself ‘let’s do this’ I made the first critical step and started this blog.

I invite you all to observe, learn and grow with me and hold me accountable.

If you are ahead of me, you are welcome to share with me your thoughts and knowledge about how to do something better.

In the end it all comes down to giving back and actively getting involved. By doing this I will hopefully one day leave a world behind me that is a bit better than the one I was born into.