Slightly blurry picture of a baby orang utan hanging on to a rope.

Two months in! Here are my new successes and failures for the last months.

My successes:

  1. Finished my project ‘60 Days without added sugar and chocolate‘ on March 18th, 2018.

    1. I celebrated it, not as I thought I would, with a big piece of chocolate cake or a bar of chocolate, but with a humble hot choc that I got inbetween two work shifts. I was really tired from the first one, on which I had worked over time (as usual), leaving me with too little time and energy to head back home.
      Instead I looked around, saw a nice cafe on the other side of the road and the decision was made. There I dropped myself into a chair and ordered a hot chocolate, not caring for once about the price. It was nice and sweet, but I knew inside, that reducing sugar as much as possible had been a great thing and that I would continue to avoid added sugar and chcolate (below 70% cocoa) as much as possible. Even now after the 60 days were over.
    2. My body recovered from winter and the switch to ‘no added sugar’. Not only did my weight suddenly plunge up to a more normal weight (gaining about 3 pounds?), but I also seemed to have more strength in general. I really don’t know, if this was due to:
      – Milder temperatures
      – Getting used to burning fat instead of carbs
      – Or switching back to my old bicycle (after finally getting it fixed).
      As always in life it probably was no ‘black or white’ reason, but a mixture of all of them.
      Besides feeling better this success was actually measured in numbers by my employer. You can clearly see the drop of speed between Week 7 and 13.

      Work statistics improving.
      My work statistics. My overall speed significantly improved all of a sudden.
    3. Of course, I had also deliberately cycled slower to not sweat too much or get too tired. But when doing so, I often felt that this was actually as fast as I could go.
  2. ‘Back to school’ feeling – there is SO much to learn!

    1. I also managed to keep posting my diary entries fairly regularily. It is a lot more work than I thought! Initially I had planned to write three times a week, but I figured that my writing skills really were not so great. And not good for SEO optimizing. Something I simply can’t neglect, if I want to reach you guys with my efforts and struggles. So I’m working on it! I’m also getting better at using and finding my way around wordpress. Finally!
    2. I started taking picures for posts. It is fun, but also time consuming, as I’m also learning how to take better pictures of food.
    3. Besides the above mentioned things I am learning about, I am also actively chipping away at learning foundation skills of other web related skills, like Email Lists to send out newsletters, there is also the “beast” called GDPR that everyone is afraid off. And it is no wonder, the hefty fines, mean serious trouble for small businesses all around the world, if they fail to comply in some points. I am also working on my photography and editing skills in general… As I continue to to upload my photgraphs to stock agencies.
  3. I sold my first picture. EVER

    I sold it around the end of February. I didn’t even notice, until the congratz message from Alamy came in. It was truly a great feeling! And it wasn’t even one of the pictures I had my highest hopes in. Indeed, it was simply a moody picture! The only disadvantage of selling work this way is that I very likely will never know what it was used for. I would like to see what it became out of it. If it made it on a billboard somewhere? 🙂
    (If you are curious you can check it out here. Please let me know if you see it somewhere! 

  4. Keeping my promise: Donating my self-raised funds for a good cause

    A month after finishing the 60 days project, I finally made the time in my schedule to sit down and look for a project to donate my self-fundraised money to. Since the beginning it had been clear, that I’d choose a project that plants trees. At first I was thinking about donating to a non-profit helping local farmers grow organic chocoa. Which then would hopefully be sold under a fairtrade pact.

    Yet, after long considerations, I finally chose this project:

    Picture of orang utan looking thoughtful or sad.
    ‘Trees for Orang-Utans after severe forest fires burnt down their habitat.’

My failures:

  1. I had been so proud in creating my blog, but I kept stalling to make it more public by sharing it on facebook and other platforms.

    Indeed, I hesitated to stop the no-indexing setting, hindering google and other crawler bots from listing my site, for probably two weeks. Why? Maybe I was anxious, because it wasn’t perfect yet. Well, it still isn’t perfect. Every time I reread a post or page I surely will find a typo or grammatical error somewhere. Despite reading and editing each text I write like 5 times. I need to learn to be less perfectionistic. There might be people who feel offended by this lack of thoroughness, but when I think about it:

    “The message is more important than the fact that the messenger has a crooked nose (=is not pretty) and a lisp (=speaks not perfectly).” Right?)

    Well, at least I have decided on that. Otherwise perfectionism will hinder me from posting. Or worse, fear of judgement will hinder me from writing it in the first place. Where is the sense in that? So, please, forgive me for any mistakes you find.

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