It is official now! February 18th 2018 was the day TEAL sustainably went online.

My successes so far:

  1. 30 days in into my 60 Days without added sugar and chocolate project.

    I can’t exactly say that I am over sugar yet. But this really only shows how badly addicted I was.

    1. On a positive note, I have learned  a lot. About sugar, about healthy eating and my cooking skills went up a whole notch too!
    2. I’ve been pulling it through withstanding temptations well enough. There were a few set backs, like the ‘Egg of Temptation‘ or cakes in general, and cravings still haunt me. But it is getting bettter 🙂
  2. I managed to make up my mind –

    To become a solo-entrepreneur and start this blog. Thus I also had figure out which webhost service to use. As some of you might know, there are many options out there to chose from… In the end it came down to two options I favored, that are in alliance with ‘living more sustainably on all levels and in all life situations’:

    1. Going locally, supporting local economy by using a host that actually is from my hometown. How much more local could it become?!
    2. Or going green, choosing a server using ‘green energy’, but remaining as close as possible to home, meaning, I wanted to host my website on a server from the EU (for several reasons like speed, and for it to be under EU regualtions, data security, etc).
  3. The winner was
    1. Green Geeks is an US company, but it also has a server in Amsterdam, so the criterium of using a European host server was met.
    2. What I like about their ‘environmentally responsible web hosting’ concept: Green Geeks claim to use the newest technology to be as energy sufficient as possible. I’m no tech person, but this also comes down to fast and reliable servers, so it seems.
      For any energy they use, they will be investing three times as much in form of renewable energy to offset their carbon footprint. Thus making it 300% green energy. When going green, many businesses probably don’t think about green hosting first thing. But as a matter of fact, running servers uses A LOT of energy. So investing in green energy to give back, to be aware and act responsible for their own actions and C02 footprints is a great first step!

      To give you some numbers (from their website):

      A web hosting server produces around  1390 pound C02 a year. You could run a 13-watt light bulb for 5 years continuously or watch 148hours worth of netflicks on a 42 inch LCD screen for the same carbon offset. Or fly 1,13miles with an Airboing 747. Not that much, right? But when looking at all servers as a collective – it makes a difference! Actually, web hosting is considered to surpass the Airline industry by 2020 in C02 emmissions. 2020 that’s only in two years! That’s how big the impact is.

    3. After learning all that, I simply wanted to go with what seems to be the best green webhosting provider and after reading a few reviews I was convinced that they are. They seem like a company concerned with being green, have excellent uptime statistics and as of now, the best and greenest solution to go with.
If you are interested in green hosting, you can check them out here:

(Please note that this is an affiliate link, so if you decide to sign up with Green Geeks through this link, I will recieve a royalty for it. But there are no obligations, and clicking on the link will cost you nothing at all. Cheers if you decide to sign up with them an thanks for contributing to fund my blog this way! In order for it to work you need to allow cookies in your browser. 🙂 )


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