Happy World Earth Day 2018!

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It is April 22nd, also known as World Earth Day

First started in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues Earth Day celebrates its 48th anniversary this year. It’s surprising that I only became aware of something that is one and a half times my age only some years ago. Yet awarenes is growing and apparently over 1Billion people world wide know of it! Good thing it is finally reaching so many people!

The theme of this year’s World Earth Day is ‘End plastic pollution’

Plastic is definitely an important topic! As our waste continues to pile up in landfills, the ocean, in animals stomaches and or alternatively pollutes our air when burned…

It is more important than ever to actively look for green solutions and to start replace plastic and the change our modern “one time use only” mentality. It’s time to support the plastic free movement by reducing our daily waste wherever we can, and support those who try lower the need for more plastic bei recylcing and reusing the exisiting plastics. Or better even, turn it into something useful. Changing its shape will of course not make it disappear, but it keeps it out of nature a bit longer.

In my opinion its time to collectively get over generation “throw away”.

Reminder on World Earth Day, a social media post about consequences of plastics in our ocean
One of my friends recently shared this video clip posted by EcoWatch on social media. It’s a sad truth that shows plastic is more of an issue than most of us are aware of. Good thing that this years World Earth Day is about plastic pollution.Credits: EcoWatch

So how did I spent World Earth Day?

I had hoped there would be an event in my hometown, but was disappointed in that regard. So I did what I like to do: Researching the topic of course. I have tried to reduce plastic out of my life for a while, but I was never able to completely go plastic free. Yet every step matters in reducing in our overall pollution. No matter how small. So if you take out only one thing out of this article, I hope it will be the resolution to quit at least one plastic thing that really isn’t necessary.

And if you have a bit more time, I found some great inspriational videos I want to recommend here!

But lets start with some numbers! The three 50ies:

  • 50 % of the produced plastic worlwide is used only once. The fame of a plastic fork or spoon is short lived. Compared to it’s living time of over 100 years it gets used for maybe 5 minutes. Then thrown out to rott away in a landfill. Just that it doesn’t really rott away.
  • If it is lucky it gets to cruise the ocean. There it will meet all its other brothers and sisters from around the world. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. If that would be true, it would equal about 0,8-2,0 billion tons of plastic by 2050. Now the critics may rightly say “How can you know? Who can count all the fish?” Truth is no one really knows, but some people attempted to make an estimate, you can read about it here (‘First-ever estimate of worldwide fish biomass and impact on climate change’). Regardless of the exact numbers, it is a shocking thought.
  • 50%. That is the estimated rise of food prices by 2030. With rising populations, rising destruction of prodcutive land and rising water levels because of global warming, it could very well be that food becomes scarce enough to rise so much in price.

I got all of these number come from the official Earth Day 2018 video. If you’d like to watch it you can find it on youtube. If you would like to know how they came up with these numbers, they can hopefully provide you with official studies and numbers. 😉

Read on to learn about ways to reduce your impact today!

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