Happy World Earth Day 2018 – Ways to stop plastic pollution

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After doing my research I wondered how I too could further reduce my impact…

So here are my top three resolutions to reduce plastic pollution

  • Buy more bulk food
    • I recently googled for bulk food stores in my hometown. We actually have one! It’s a shame that it is far away, but better than nothing. I also want to check the organic supermarket close to where I live. It requires a membership, or otherwise the prices are horrid, so I didn’t really have a good look around. If they should have bulk food, then maybe that membership a second thought 🙂
    • If I’m lucky I can even buy soap and shampoo there. I saw bulk shops like this in Canada. Loved the idea to reduce such plastics too. And if I can’t I’ll from now on keep an eye open for social plastic®.
  • Stop micro plastics in my laundry
    • Why? Cause I like to wear outdoor/active clothing.
    • Yet I wasn’t aware how much mircofibres actually get released into the water. Nor that it happenes every time we wash such clothing. As microplastics are difficult to filter out of the water, I don’t want to contribute to this environmental disaster longer than necessary.
    • Most of my clothes are already many years old, or bought second hand in the last years. (I love Canadian Thrift stores! We have very few options in my hometown, but at least there are some which is agood start.
  • Give plastic free dental care a try
    • Yes I admit, I have read about plastic replacing bamboo toothbrushes before. Or some of the other alternatives. Nothing seemed convincing enough to make the switch. And thanks to my love for sugar, my tooth enamel is not the best. So I used this as a reason to continue buying normal toothbrushes.
    • A few days ago, I delivered food next to a store that I have often passed by, but never had a closer look at. When locking my bicycle I realized that this store actually sells alternative, plastic-free items. There was a non plastic toothbrush right there on display! So when I listened to those two inspiring women (see page 2) I thought: ” This can’t be a coincidence! Maybe I should go and try it out… I soon need a new toothbrush anyways.” They might even have alternative floss options or that garment wash bag I mentioned above. If not, maybe they will be interested in buying those for their store? If they could order it in bulk to save and I can go and pick one up there. And they would save on postage and (hopefully) packaging – a win-win!

If you have any suggestions or things you can recommend for plastic-free personal care, dental or hygiene products, let me know! 🙂

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