The aftermath of the two day trip (Diary – Day 9)

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FThe aftermath: Tiredness

A horrible day. I hardly could get up, I felt so tired and sleepy.

Last night I was knocked out about 9pm. That came as no surprise, but that I’d still feel bad this morning, did. I was not sore though, I guess my body/legs are used to the exercise, but not to the lack of sugar/carbs to.

After a long workout I guess our blood ph can drop. I also believe to have read somewhere that some stored away toxins, from times when the body can’t handle an overload of them, can be released when you do burn your fat deposits (or proteins). More likely though is that I felt bad because of too much acid. Maybe it simply was the lack of ready carbs or sugar in my blood this morning…

I can only advice you, to take it easy the day after doing a long trip or excessive exercise, especially after just reducing your daily sugar intake drastically. My body will need time to change and adjust. But I know it can. The ability to adapt is one of the real blessings of our bodies! The intestines might crumble or protest as the bacteria/darm flora changes with the changed diet… as all the sugar-loving bacteria get replaced by healthy/good darm bacteria. And then the body will change strategies as to how it gets its energy or how it used it or the food you give it. All the time.

Nature has created everything as ‘a hopeless survivalist’

No cell, no bacteria, no animal, plant, or human naturally wants to die – they all want to live and will try to do so. The only problem we humans have is: That our heads are not always telling us just that wish. We let negative thoughts and happenings influence and rule us. And I believe that is the point where addiction, suffering or other negative mechanisms set it. Naturally, everything was constructed to live until it dies of old age, or through an outer influence.

But well, I’m getting off topic here. If you have same time, you are welcome to contemplate this 😉

No time to rest and recover

Unfortunately, I could not rest and recover as I would have liked to do today. First, I had another 15kms to cycle to get to a travel show. I had arranged to meet my grandma there, so there was no skipping it. After 2-3hours there work was scheduled. During which I managed to cycle another 25kms. All that despite my legs being heavy as lead and tired. But I went through it and by now, I actually feel quite good. ‘Do more easy to moderate exercises to help improve sore muscles’ – there seems to be some truth in that!

Half an hour of stretching to go, to make sure the muscles don’t shorten and I’m happy to drop like a rock again!

PS: Tomorrows post will be a bit different! I’ll be exploring my thoughts and ramblings about the so called ‘Butterfly Effect’. You can read all about it here.

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