Birthdays, Birthday cakes and the need for support (Diary – Day 13)

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It’s been a while!

Sorry for the wait. The last week and more has been super busy. I was basically stuck between my actual work at the moment (working as a bicycle courier), getting my balance (going on a 35km hike) and getting ready for my Paris Trip. There I was going to meet friends, take pictures for stock photography and spend a whole day attending a hiring event for a tour company. For the latter I practiced my bicycle fixing skills, learned french and practiced public speaking.

Somewhere between all that, blogging itself lost priority as I was working on fixing my impressum and privacy policy as the deadline for the European new legal requirements for websites is getting closer. The good news are, I finished both of these today and I can finally concentrate on writing (or rather editing what I formerly wrote) again.

So here we go: Day 13!

Birthdays – the days when your family and friends could become your worst ‘enemies’…

If you don’t let them know what you are doing!

Like me. I started my 60 days without added sugar or chocolate so spontaneously, literally from one day to the next, that I was neither prepared, nor did I think of telling anyone about it. 

Indeed only a few days before that sudden change of mind took place I had told my sister (with who I share a flat) flippantly:

‘I do so much physical work, I can handle putting three spoons of sugar in my coffee. Indeed, I need the energy!’

After her being shocked about how much sugar I added.

During these past 60 days I often had the occasion to wish I had bit my tongue back then, because she would often use those very words against me. And that with good intentions, fully believing into what I had said! She would remark to others or to me ‘She/You need to eat a lot of cake/ chocolate to have enough energy’. Each time, the voice in my head went ‘AHHHHHH!’…

But my mouth kept shut, because I was too proud to go back on my words. Had I done so, I could have avoided much temptation along the way.

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