The butterfly effect and other theories (Diary – Day 10)

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 ‘Need to write about the butterfly effect’

That was pretty much the whole diary entry for Saturday, 27th of January 2018. I guess that day nothing particular happened that was worth noting. So I’m free to ramble about the butterfly effect and other topics today <3 During my two day escape trip I had thought quite a bit about the butterfly effect but before I get there let me come around with another theory I though about. That is:

What I love about physical and repetetive exercise

Once my body got the idea of what I want it to do, I get into a flow. My muscles are on “autopilot” and do everything they are expected to do. My breathing regulates itself easily, effortlessly. And my eyes absorb the scenery. My ears take in the quite, the songs of birds, music or podcast/audiobooks or whatever else it is that I’m listening to. Do you know that feeling? When things just flow? It’s definitely great! And then, as my mind is set free of controlling and telling my body what to do, my thoughts start to wander. I come up with the weirdest, craziest thoughts… Amazing insights, inspiring ideas and sudden aha-effects are the norm. For example:

How we humans became creative

I believe there is a reason why we have become such a creative species. Besides Darwins natural selection theory. But even his theory could be brought down to this level. That is, assuming that the more creative a creature was, the more adaptable it would be. Thus increasing the likelyhood of it surviving tough situations and struggles. Naturally, they would then be capable of passing on their genes, and so on.

The thing I’m thinking about is the following. That our ancestors, through idleness and boredom, found time to dream. They were able to envision a future, a dream or goal. Our species learned to see and think about a bigger picture and our role in it. How many hours must our ancestors have spent doing daily physical and repetitive work tasks as gathers? How many hours of lying and hiding somewhere in the bush waiting for and observing wildlife when hunting? Would they not have had ample time to be idle in their heads? Or bored as we like to call it.

But unlike us (including me) who always want to be busy and entertained I dare say that they accepted this idle state of mind. I imafine that some individuals became super aware of their surroundings. And others were wondering, planning, dreaming – creating thought castles in their heads – while occupied with repetitive work or tasks.

These individuals were the ones that brought forward innovations in all fields. They helped to set our species apart.

It strikes me as funny how we nowadays just can’t be with ourselves anymore

We need to be busy and/or with people.  I’m not saying I am any better, I too like to be busy. I too feel bad, when I do “nothing”. But I am glad, that I have learned to enjoy my own company while travelling. I suddenly could be completely myself, try things without worrying about being judged and stamped as “stupid or crazy, etc”. 

I believe it were these boring idle moments that made our species creative. Why else do most of us need to remove distractions, in order to focus? Or to be creative. Brainstorming is nothing else but letting your thoughts ramble in a certain direction and see what you or the group can come up with, isn’t it?

Why we should get rid of distractions and become more aware

When I contemplate this topic, it strikes me as no great surprise that more and more people are getting sick of the hectic and busy, but often not productive, world we created. That more and more people implement meditation and awareness practices into their lives is a clear consequence to it, in my eyes. Because we lost those precious moments of quiet time, or of being present in the moment. Of being with ourselves and with everything around us. A life without distractions.

Aren’t many of us unsatisfied because they feel they have no time for themselves? Life is always busy? And yet, we end up watching that movie or TV show… instead of taking that time to just be present, or really be with our beloved ones, giving them 100% of our attention. 

So next time you want to turn on the TV or computer or pick up the phone, because you are bored, maybe stop for a moment and ask yourself:

“Is it something important I need to do? Or am I looking for distraction?”

 Turn of the distractions and just enjoy the quiet. Pay attention to your beloved ones and give them the present of actually listening. Being aware, thinking of them and wondering how you can support them. What would make them happy? All these small things, wills strengthen your relationships. Will bring back some quality time into your life. It’s not easy, but I believe everyone can make such conscious choices. And that finally brings me to the topic of the butterfly effect. (Next page)

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