The butterfly effect and other theories (Diary – Day 10)

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What is the butterfly effect?

Like me you might have seen the movie with the same name. Maybe you even saw both of them. I clearly remember that the first movie certainly left me a bit confused as to what the butterfly effect is. So in case you never heard of it here is a quick run down from wikipedia:

“[It] is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state […] can result in large differences in a later state.”

Or that “When a butterfly flaps it’s wings it will create a gust of wind which, through a chain of reactions, will turn into a huge storm in another part of the world.

Meaning even the smallest action you do in one part of the world can cause a whole chain of happenings in another part of the world. Or even all around the world. Some of my kiwi friends shared a great video about this idea with me. It’s about how a small act of kindness could create a whole chain of people doing good to “payback” for the kindness they received themselves. (Here’s a link to the video: ‘Kindness boomerang’ by Life Vest Inside.)  The same thing goes for good intentions. I truely believe that good intentions can come a long way.

On the other hand, it also works in the other direction. A negative action can possibly cause a whole chain of negative effects. Which is why violence and revenge should not be supported, even if it is hard to boild down anger.

The butterfly effect indeed is a very intriguing theory. And incredibly complex when you think about it.

So what does the butterfly effect have to do with my trip?

Well, I was daydreaming! This daydream included my readers and blog as well as my own self and wish for betterment (that is my wish to strive towards the best me that I can be).

I was imagining how the blog I was considering to start, might influence the big picture. How my intentions to share thoughts about sustainability would reach maybe only a few people. But then those people would reach other people. How, like a drop creating ripples in the water, or the gust of the buttfly’s wing causing a storm in another part of the world, I would contribute to a better educated, more caring, more aware society altogether.

It’s a bit ambitious, I know, especially as I am writing this and probably not one soul but for myself (besides search engines and bots) has been visiting my blog. (For which I am to blame, as I have not really tried to share it yet. Which is another great example of the effect, as my procrastination out of insecurity holds me back. Instead of already reaching people and possibly making a change, I am holding back, reaching no one. So doing this is damaging my mission, so I better keep moving! 🙂

Some other examples
  • We all have heard of or seen some video that went VIRAL. These are great examples, of how one dedicated person or team managed to reach millions of peoples, simply by creating and posting a video. Or a book, a speech, even just a picture. As the message reaches individulas, it gets shared more and more often. Thus reaching more and more people. Changing lives, creating impacts. Simple things, that all can have the power to move a person and reach and touch many, many lives out there.
  • Those folks out there who love sports, they too know about that one moment that changed everything. That one moment the athlete gave their all: won the game, won the championship, won million of hearts and admirers.
  • That one author, who by creating his or her works inspired at first one or two individuals, then small fan groups or families until the work became famous all around the world.
What do they have in common?

They all started small, before becoming huge. And they all inspired people to do so much more. They changed people’s hearts and perspectives and managed to cause a real impact in the world.

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