The butterfly effect and other theories (Diary – Day 10)

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Join the green movement and live sustainably

What we can do is to influence or manipulate the butterfly effects we create. How? By learning about issues and thinking about them when we are out shopping. We can choose to consume and act more consciously and wisely. We can support movements like: sustainability, permaculture gardening, organic food, sharing tools&resources (so that we as a mass need less of them).

Or we can become vegetarian or vegan, or even just reduce our meat consume to 1-2meals a week.

Another option is to purchase goods and services from sustainable/green businesses that are working hard on reducing their impacts and by supporting them we help them to grow, so that old-fashioned businesses feel more pressured to follow. Or simply try to reduce using plastic, or actually all waste by re-using,upcycling or recycling things as much as possible.

If you see something you like. Stop and think, do I really need this? If so, maybe I can buy it second hand? 

Unleash your creativity and make your own stuff. By making it yourself you get to appreciate how difficult (or not) it is to build something. (And it feels good if you succeed!) Appreciating it will increase the value of similar things in your eyes. After all, you now know how much it takes to produce it. Why not buy a fair trade product then, instead of the cheap version?

Remember – All these single flaps of our wings, can yet create a storm. Because we are not powerless, nor are we alone. Every one of us has power. The effects might take a long time or will never show. But they will have made a difference to someone else in the world.

A last word

This article turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. Yet I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing this.

At this moment, the article portrays my degree of understanding. Which is at best, close to grasping the big picture. But I’m lacking the details and sources to support my words. I am aware of that and hopefully will be able to add them, by and by in the future! Please correct me if you find a mistake and you are welcome to share more insights in the comments section below!


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