The Egg of Temptation (Diary – Day 16 to 18)

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Happy Easter!

Funny coincidence. As it happens, it is Easter and also time for my diary entry about my egg of temptation. If that’s not a sign! Anyways, I wish all of you a happy Easter and hope the easter bunny this year will not only hide chocolate eggs, but also some healthy, natural snacks. As for me, I am determined to not contribute to my families chocolate/sugar consumption too much….

So I’ve looked for some alternatives:
Fruit for Easter and no egg of temptation.
No chocolate bunny or eggs of temptation! My family received colourful and healthy food and a chocolate bug each. 
  • My sister will get a coconut – she likes coconut chips! So a whole coconut will not only keep her busy cutting out as many pieces as she likes at once for snacks, but also the coconut water inside that is considered to be healthy.
  • My uncle gets a nice chunk of cheece. Not quite Easter like, but it’s nice and ‘coulourful’ at least 🙂
  • My stepsister gets her favorite tea. It comes in a bright blue package and is also organic. Also some bananas which she really likes to eat.
  • My grandma will get a small fruit basket – apples, oranges, lemons. Same for my step mom and my dad 🙂

I think you get the idea. While I’m aware that fruit sugar is actually the bad part of sugar, I trust what I have read about fruit being an exception, as the fruit sugar in there comes with a lot of fibre that prevents all of the fruit sugar to be absorbed. They also contain vitamins and are nice and colourful to top it off 🙂

And to make it not completely chocolateless, I choose some fairtrade chocolate bugs to sit on my fruits.

But enough of that, on the next page you’ll find my Easter story about ‘The egg of temptation‘. Enjoy!

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