The Egg of Temptation (Diary – Day 16 to 18)

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Day 16 – Friday, February 2nd, 2018

“Oh my godness, how many days has it been? Only 16. Supposedly things get better after 2 weeks or 3 weeks. But today’s craving is bad!”

Maybe because I had 3 (small) pieces of cake yesterday…

Or maybe, because my ‘bad’ gut bacteria …who should have been almost starved… have now come back to power after yesterdays indulgence…

Or maybe it is that egg (‘eggs’ actually, there are 2 of them) of Kinderueberraschung that my sister thought a great idea to share with me yesterday….

Now if you have been following my blog, you might wonder: How could that happen?

Well, after writing about all that stuff how one needs to get support and should tell their families and friends about the low sugar/no sugar diet, a few days ago, I kinda forgot to actually mention it to her…Oops? And now I have that egg of temptation. No, two eggs, damn!

The worst is, I still didn’t tell her why I don’t want them. I only told her to keep them, but she felt like she was doing something good, so I gave up and accepted them to not hurt her feelings. Urg.

Thus the dilemma of two chocolate eggs I don’t want, was created

At first I covered them, so that I would not see them. Yet my thoughts returned to them many times: „Come on, you already allowed all that cake earlier, let’s have some chocolate for dinner. It’s only today.“

A very convincing, tempting tone had that voice in me… When it became too strong, I took those eggs of temptation and put them into the box with the other sweets I received since I started my 60 days without added sugar and chocolate fast. Today my thoughts returned to them frequently…

Out of sight with chocolate unfortunately is not automatically out of mind

“Just now, I held one of them in my hands.  ‘No, one will know’ a sweet voice whispered, but my consciousness fell in: ‘Noooo, I want to be honest!’ “

To distract myself I went to the kitchen to boil water and have a hot beverage instead. But the hot ovaltine I used to love just is not to my taste anymore without milk or the extra two teaspoons of sugar. And tea…well I want something sweet… now! >_<

So instead I came to sit down here and write about it. Until now you, my dear reader, might have thought this challenge is easy for me, but I tell you, it’s not. I too have my moments. We all have moments like that, but we need to figure out a way to overcome it.

“So stay strong in your mind! Be strict and forget the egg of temptation.”


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