The Egg of Temptation (Diary – Day 16 to 18)

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Day 17 – Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

“PS: And I have not forgotten the egg of temptaion yet, it crossed my mind many times. Just in case you wondered about it.”

Day 18 – Sunday, February 4th, 2018

“I ate the egg of temptation, both of them actually, as there was no point keeping one to keep me tempted. My thoughts kept returning to them, almost as if my head wanted to torture me.”

Eventually I got so annoyed and irritated about the cravings distracting me, that I went ahead and made it a conscious choice to ‘remove’ them for good. Sometimes, if things make life hard it’s better to remove them. If you try to follow a strict diet or not (doesn’t really matter), you most likely will still have your moments of weakness. During these moments it’s easy to give in and ‘cheat’. Which I dare say is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t end in daily indulgences. 😉

So how can you benefit from my story? Here are a few things to consider:
  • Make it a conscious choice
    • Meaning: Don’t go and stuff your face randomly when giving in to your cravings.

    • Instead you make a mature choice ‘to allow’ it. And next time? You will stick to your resolutions.

    • Be conscious about possible consequences – some people will feel it, depending on what they are trying to change and their body’s overall condition. Meaning your guts will let you know how they like it… or sometimes their are worse reactions like chronic inflammation becoming worse again. This was not my experience, but I read about such things happening to people who followed some other strict diet to increase their well being. And chances are, that your cravings get worse after indulging once.

    • I also consciously checked the little lable:
      • About 50g Sugar in 100g (seems to be the typical milk-chocolate ratio).
      • 20g chocolate per egg made it 20g of sugar I ate altogether, in 5 minutes.
      • It’s crazy how such a small amount of food can contain so much sugar.
  • Handle guilt
    • It’s okay to be disappointed a bit in your lack of will power, when giving in. But we are humans, we all tend to have weak moments.

    • It was a conscious choice, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Because you (hopefully) didn’t just go and raid the whole fridge, but you allowed yourself a treat, a reward.

    • Also the last thing you want is to make your diet a torture. Doing so, means you will collect negative emotions that you associate with it. Which, when piled up, can easily turn into the reason to give up on it. Simply, because it doesn’t make you feel good.

    • Beating yourself up about one moment of weakness – creates negative stress that tends to make people who are habituated to eat for pleasure, more likely to want to eat more pleasure food. So don’t do it.

    • Instead remember: It’s a fun challenge for bettering your health and strenghening your will power. It’s fun to try new things. But like learning a new skill, implementing a new habit into your life is not easy. It takes time and patience and perseverance. It’s all about enjoying the learning courve until it becomes natural.

    • So by all means enjoy your ‘egg of temptation’, whatever it might be.
  • Make it a reward
    • We all know a treat is something we get when we did a good job:

      • I did a great job in keeping my sugar intake low!

    • Yet it was never a no-sugar diet to begin with. Originally, I wanted to only reduce the chocolate I take in! I wasn’t even strict about it, when I started this project – I at first planned in allowances to eat chocolate! That is, as long as it was going to be fairtrade, healthy and for a good cause. If these criteria were met, I would allow myself to eat that chocolate. The only consequence for me was that I would simply donate twice the amount of money on such days, to make up for the lack of resolution.

    • Where there are struggles, rewards should be given to keep motivation up. And stuggles were to be expected as my body’s way of using the provided energy would adjust and change from a ‘sugar burner’ to a fat-and complex carbs burner.

The end of the story

In the end this event created some positive outcomes – more donation money, getting rid of the egg of temptation, freeing my head and also receiving a little reward for hanging in there so far  🙂

Altogether it was a good valuable lesson!


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