Food cravings and why you should be suspicious of them (Diary – Day 15)

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“15th of February 2018 – OMG, the cravings! I wonder why?! And for what? Is it in anticipation of the birthday cake? But the cake won’t be eaten until the afternoon… Anyways, happy birthday granny! You’re a great inspiration of mine :)”

Investigating the food cravings

  • Maybe it was the dentist visit this morning, for which I had to get up waaaay before my time (which is 8am, atm, in case you wonder). Sounds lazy, I know, but hey, if I often work until 10.15pm. Meaning I reach home just before 11 pm, then my body needs time to settle down. And I need some food to refill my muscle glycogen. It’s really important to eat after you exercise 🙂 
  • Anyways there are few days where I manage to hit bed before 12am, but I need my 8 hours of sleep. Most of us do. Even though I know we can get away with 5-6 hours every day. I did that all summer long. But I believe those professional researchers who say we need 8 hours to be well, not the other ones who say differently.
  • Actually another reason could be an ‘addiction’ to another food source… I actually ate a lot this morning, starting with about 5 teaspoons of organic peanut butter, followed by my daily muesli mix with yogurt.
  • So I have a few candidates who could cause these unspecified cravings:
    • Yogurt, because it has inulin, which really is only another form of sugar…
    • Peanut butter… once you start you can’t stop, right?
    • Bread. I never thought of eating any, until I saw my sister eating bread for breakfast some minutes ago. Suddenly my head told me:  ‘I need that too!’ ….Even though my stomache still felt quite full. I don’t think I wrote about that before, but at the beginning of my ’60 days without added sugar or chocolate project’ I ate an enormous amount of bread: About 1 loaf in 2 days, all by myself.
    • Cheese, oh yes cheese, I love my cheese and I love the salt in it.

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