Food cravings and why you should be suspicious of them (Diary – Day 15)

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So why should you care about your food cravings?

Of course because they are annoying. But besides? Well… It might just be your body telling you what you really need because you have a deficiency. But more likely there is a sort of addiction causing it.

“Where there is a craving, there might be an addiction.”

It doesn’t mean it needs to be a strong or a bad addiction, but why should we give in to addictions and have them dictate our behaviour?

Having food cravings telling you at 2am in the morning to visit the the next 24hour grocery shop to get THAT particular food is not exactly fun. But it is reality for some people. Drinking 10 cups and more of coffee, smoking 1 pack of cigarettes or eating two bars of chocoalte in one go…day by day is not only bad for our health, or our bank account, but can also be bad for our psyche. Why have some substance dictate how you live?

One way or another, a craving should give us a reason to consider our behaviour and habits. And in the case of sugar, especially so since obesity is becoming more and more of an issue. And so are diabetes, bad teeth and cancer. Now please don’t get me wrong. Sugar is not ‘the only cause’ of cancer, but like any other cell in our body cancer cells live of  the glucose it contains. And they have a higher need for glucose molecules than our average cell. If you want to learn more about this, have a look at the links under ‘further readings’ below. There is a wealth of studies and beliefs about this topic. 

Personally I think one can come to the conclusing that either way it might not be a bad idea to decrease the amount of sugar in one’s diet. Doing so, will mean you are on the ‘save’ side. 

To sum it all up: Yes, you should care about your cravings! Investigate and learn out of them.

To start understand your food cravings, here are some things you should ask yourself:

  1. Are you addicted to the food itself?
  2. Or are you addicted to the dopamine/ reward system of your body that gets triggered by certain food?


Further readings:

    1. Resisting cravings by telling yourself ‘later’. (I think that is basically what I am doing with this ’60 day without added sugar and chocolate challenge’, and it works!)
    2. 5 reasons cancer and sugar are best friends (with a lot of sources if you want to dig deeper)
    3.  Does Sugar Feed Cancer Cells?
    4. Sugar and cancer – what you need to know


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