Getting lost in my priorities (Diary – Day 17 Part I)

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Right now I have a lot of priorities in my life

“It’s my third day off in a row. Unbelievable. The first two days I felt restless and wondered if I should accept work shifts other people tried to get rid off. But nope, I had promised myself and my body this break and stayed strong. It’s really important to have ‘time off’ too. Just that it didn’t really feel like time off. With all those things on my to do lists I stayed pretty busy.”

Naturally, my paid work should be the main priority

Even if I only work part-time. The truth is my free-time does not at all feel like free time as a lot of it has been invested in research & learning. And well, getting distracted, inbetween. Yet, since I got accepted for the last application round – the hiring event of backroads – somewhere in me a feeling of necessity or urgency has awaken.

My priorities besides the paid job…

  • I’ve got 1,5 months to learn basic French. Because I said I had a basic understanding, which is a half-truth, as I can read easy french texts and get the basic message, but speaking, listening or making up sentences by myself? Nope. There’s a real challenge. Because it will be tested. (It’s also kind of fun as I’m using a different approach to learn French this time… using mainly videos & audio to learn from.)
  • Then there is the need to aquire bicycle maintenance skills. I’ve only started to learn about bicycles recently. That is, when my (from work and ignorance of looking after it) run down bicycle started to protest and force me to look after it more. Only then I was able to overcome procrastination and started trying to learn how to fix stuff by myself.  Unfortunately it really mainly was ‘I was trying’ as many times I simply didn’t have the right tools to actually fix it. Yet I’m working on it!
  • The third important thing is my blog and starting my own business:
    I spend most of my time reading… click on interesting links to other useful information…. reading a few lines or paragraphs there…. stumbling over more  useful links about something else as I go along.
    Before I’m aware of it, I have 20 plus different tabs open and not done much more but scan the texts. Talking about overwhelming! Now, what is the main priorities…where to start? It’s easy to get lost in there. Because they all feel equally important.

And of course my ’60 days without added sugar or chocolate’ challenge are another priority!

With the ‘lack’ of one type of food, my mind circles all day around food and alternatives. And my body, literally, circles between the kitchen and my laptop at least once every hour. Always in search of something. Food has become the inofficial number one priority.

This need for food sometimes drives me crazy

The best way to cure it, seems to be involved in a process of obtaining food. Like cooking. Or baking. Or simply looking for ingredients and thinking about what to try next when grocery shopping.

It figures that I also spend a good deal of time in the kitchen

That in itself still feels novel to me. What happened to the girl protesting that she never ever wanted to have anything to do with a kitchen or cooking? Either it shrank and disappeared or it grew up. Only the memory of her feelings remain.

But regardless of having learned to cook a bit, the rebell in me still whispers:

“I’ll never be someone’s housewive and do all the household tasks that have been subscribed to women in the past. At least not all by myself.”

That spirit about female empowerment and gender fairness remains. The only flaw of it – if you live by yourself as I do (more or less) you don’t get far with this attitude. Someone needs to get the job done and it figures, that this someone is me 🙂

A look into the fridge was rather disappointing and as I needed a breather anyways, I packed my camera (in the hope to find some motives for stock photography along the way), some money and set out to go grocery shopping (see Part II).

It’s definitely great when you can combine something you need to do (buy food) with something pleasant (a walk) and creative (photography). Besides I was also catching a few rays of sun to brighten my mood (and hopefully enough to produce some Vitamin D), and practised being mindful of my surroundings (to find interesting motives) at the same time.

“If you don’t do five things at once, you aren’t being productive.”

Well, I certainly felt productive and happy that day.


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