Getting started

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Welcome! I’m glad you found your way here!

If you had even the slightest interest in living more sustainably before, you probably noticed the wealth of information that is out there. The ‘information age’ definitely produced a huge amount of information. So much that it can be overwhelming…

Luckily it also teaches a solution to this problem: simplicity. I definitely like the idea of decluttering or simplifying life. Websites and blogs certainly can benefit from implementing that strategy too. As I’m just starting, it is still easy for me. But as there is always the chance that things become more messy as I go. So keeping the blog easy to navigate through is a big concern of mine.

Before I even started creating TEAL sustainably

I had started a personal project, which I’m going to share with you in the following months. This project ‘60 Days without added sugar and chocolate’ primarily falls under the tag category eating healthy. But, as everything, it is inherently connected with all the other TEAL principles, so I’m intending to cover a broad range of topics that are all connected to food production and eating habits.

Finding your way around TEAL

To summarize, instead of posting about one principle itself, I’ll be posting about my journeys, i.e. projects about topics that I care about. These will be added to the side menu as I go and as the blog grows. For now I’m starting with my above mentioned diary about 60 days of no added sugar and chocolate.

If you are more interested in one principle, like “thinking” or “acting” you can find all related posts in the tag cloud. There eventually will be broad range of different topics covered over time, so I encourage you to have a look around.

Links and other resources

While doing my research for topics, I often find great sources – websites, books, video channels or online courses. As the education of my readers is important to me, I might or might not try to “re-invent” the wheel by writing summaries. Most likely, I will link to sources, that I found helpful and recommend other peoples blogs and websites under ‘further readings’. At the same time I’ll share my own experiences, struggles and the solutions that I came up with.

You are welcome to learn from my practical experiences in my blog-diary, to see how one can implement sustainable practices into their life and what kind of challenges or surprises might arise along the way. Or you can use the blog as a sort of library, with my recommended sources, to gain further knowledge and deepen your understanding about those topics you care about.

On a side note

Yes, I am thinking about monetizing this blog. While I have hardly implemented this at the moment, I am hoping to cover the costs for hosting and the domain through affiliate links and ads sooner or later. Yet I promise, that no matter where I go with that aspect of the page, I’ll only recommend what I have seen and tried and found useful.

There will also be plenty of non-earning links leading to other great blogs and websites, that I have looked through. These are there for those of you with little time and intented to help you find the good stuff without wasting your precious time on researching the topic yourself. So if you like the work I’m doing, you are welcome to support me by using the affiliate links, etc. Merci!

Lastly, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact me or drop a line down below in the comments. I’m always happy about feedback.

So are you excited to learn and jump right in? Why not start with my recommended posts below!


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