How a two day escape trip turned into a challenge (Diary – Day 7&8)

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Some afterthoughts

Schloß Sonnenstein
On the way back I followed the same route as the train. Temptation was great to just give and take it, but I managed without. (In the picture: The castle Sonnenstein in Pirna)
(Photograph by Kristin Noack.)

I managed to ride all the way back (and not cheat and take public transportation). When I was still about 20minutes away from my home I decided it to be time for dinner. I quite like eating shawarma’s as they seem to be rather healthy fast food, so a shawarma it would be. Now the old me would have brought that thing home. But I was too tired, I needed energy right away.

While sitting there, warming up and taking my time finishing the meal, I realized that this at least is an economic way to eat. It’s easy to forget how much garbage ‘take out food’ creates (in one day and over time). But if you work as a food delivery person you can’t help think about it. At least I can’t. So while the trend might be to order meals so that you can eat it on your couch at home… I will from now on make it a point to only eat in the restaurant, when I don’t want to cook. Since my main means of transportation are my bicycle and my feet, it will be twice as environmentally friendly and therefore more sustainable to do so, too. Which is great!

Would I do it again?

To sum it up, I would. The trip waas great, but also a great challenge, in many ways. I would not encourage you to copy that. At least not shortly after changing your diet, just like I did. My body was not ready for it yet. As I’m past thirty days by now, I can tell you this:

It took me about two and a half to three weeks until my body got over the change and started to burn fat more sufficiently. The reason for that are the bacteria cutures in our intestines. They first need to be replaced by healthier bacteria. Unforutunately, it takes a while to starve off all these sugar-loving bacteria (probably the more so, the more you continue to eat sugar). So that takes some patience. But once that has happened, go for it and enjoy 🙂


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