I’m cooking! It’s something you really can’t skip when you try to avoid sugar (Diary – Day 11)

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If you want to live 60 days without added sugar and chocolate, and you include added sugar in processed food into the game, then you’ll soon find out:

“There’s nothing really I can eat anymore!”

But don’t worry there is a solution, that is good for anyone, even those who are not in for the same challenge as me: Cooking. It’s the best way to avoid all these funny sounding long ingredient names on the ingredient list and to individualize your meals to your own taste and preferences.

You probably won’t understand how strange I (still) feel about enjoying cooking

For the longest time of my life, I strongly disliked and rejected anything to do with the kitchen. Cooking, washing dishes, you know. But travelling changed my life! After eating a lot of instant soup, one-cup terraine meals or bread&peanut butter or my all time favorite pasta and pesto. Anything fast and simple. Because you are travelling – and you can’t carry a whole lot ingredients with you. I mean you shouldn’t, especially if you are backpacking and every gramm more on your back matters.

Continue reading to learn the valuable lessons I learned while traveling (page 2), why it is great to cook – once you changed your way of thinking about it (page 3). Or skip to page 4 for tips to keep cooking simple and fun.

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