I’m cooking! It’s something you really can’t skip when you try to avoid sugar (Diary – Day 11)

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All these things changed my mindset.

I find it amazing how random stuff will turn into as a delicous meal.

Especially when you add a bit of cream cheese to it at the end. Or add meat, if you like to eat meat. Cooking meat will require more care though, to ensure it doesn’t get overcooked or burnt. Which translates into more work, so I usually leave out meat.

Worried about bad results?

My experience is that the successes by far make up for the few times that this approach didn’t work out. And sometimes it simply takes time to get used to food, you are not used to, in case you start cooking with new ingredients.

Most bad results were caused by my neglect, meaning I forgot and burnt the food. If it turns out too bland there is always something you can add to spice it up afterwards.

Most of the time it is a success

Whole wheat pasta, salad and pesto.
One of my first meals after starting the 60 days without sugar challenge. As part of the challenge I switched from normal to whole wheat pasta.

These successes turned cooking into a positive experience for me and now I even enjoy it. Especially when I think of it as a form of creative outlet.

I also like to be in charge – to know what exactly is in my meal. The more I cooked like this, the more I got interested in nutrition. I add less stuff to meals that comes out of a can than when I first started. Exceptions here would be the occational can of beans or tuna.

Which is great! Because cans are bad for the environment and who knows how healthy all the stuff is they put in to make it last for years and years? Better to avoid it altogether, in my opinion. 

So if you are still here with me

And happen to belong to the group of people who give people like me (food delivery people/couriers) work, I hope you took out of this post, that cooking is not scary! It can be done really easily without strict rules and often it also is a lot cheaper than fast food. Especially when you go for value (vitamins and healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats, too much sugar or salt, etc).

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