Muesli for breakfast (Diary – Day 6)

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I figured out a good way (for me) to start the day

Now I quite love bread and cheese or eggs… but I simply can’t eat the same thing (I’m referring to my great bread consume) all day.

So I want my breakfast to be good, and full of those long-lasting carbs that get me through to lunch. That is if that’s even possible. Sometimes I wonder where all that food I devour goes…

I found a basic muesli mix that suits me and my new diet. Actually I first tried it about 2 or 3 years ago. And bought it on a regular basis. But somehow it had come to not taste so great anymore after a while, probably because I became lazy and stopped cooking it.

Next, I ran out of milk and used water. At that time I was used to the more plain taste of the muesli, so I figured that pouring hot water over it, will not only soak but also half ‘cook’ it for me. From there on, I even started to eat it raw, as often would take it to work t eat during breaks. Had I soaked it before, chances were it would leak or become bad, so I skipped that step.

The only thing I never missed was to add my ‘special ingredient’ on top: sugar.

When I returned to Germany after my last time travelling. I bought this staple muesli like usual and then, after 5 months of bread and eggs or sausages (yes, I’m a flexitarian!) for breakfast, I suddenly didn’t like it anymore. It was too plain, almost disgusting. Even the sugar could not save it! So I stopped eating it. And bought other yummy mueslies. You know, the ones with chocolate chips and honey and so on.

Until now. When I picked it up again to check the ingredients I was happy to see that it contains:

54g carbs/100g out of which only 1 gramm is sugar

If that’s not positive? When I checked different muesli mixes in the store, I was shocked to see how much sugar these contain. As I understood later, those mueslis were actually granola. About 50g of sugar in 100g! Crazy, considering that they sell it as a healthy way to start the day. Erhmm… nope, how is that healthy? It’s certainly a satisfying way to start the day when you have a sweet tooth, though.

Speaking of that, that is also what most people have their kids eat in the morning. And yoghurt and juice. Can that be good for them? Yet, thinking back when I was a young elementary school student (and after) my favorite breakfast was Marmorkuchen (marble cake) or other cakes. My parents had a hard time to get me to eat anything else, that’s how picky I was. So I understand the struggles parents have, and also why one would demand sugary foods for breakfast.

That basic muesli also happens to carry an organic label and doesn’t cost the world. (I don’t quite trust discounter labels, but the main reason speaking for me, are the price and low sugar content.) Now if these kinda things would only come in environmentally friendly packaging…. It would be perfect!

 I’m definitely back to loving it now. Even without the considerable amount of sugar that I used to sprinkle on top.

So what is the ‘perfect’ breakfast?

Some things to consider

Now I did not plan to make this blog a place for recipes, because really. Simply, because in the end people have to figure themselves what they like to eat. My favorite will likely not be your favorite too.

Also I’m the kind of person, who eats to live not the other way around. Though I love food. (Especially the stuff with sugar. Which is why I’m doing this.) Meaning, I’m okay to eat similar things or simple meals every day. I worked in a place before where they had a meal schedule for the week, and every week it would repeat itself. Because it was home cooked and used the veggies available it was never quite the same and I never got sick of it. Even after months. If you know you are different then me and quickly get sick of eating the same things, be prepared for it!

Either way, it’s always fun to explore and play around with components for variety and see what you can create.

So, if you are a creative

You found yourself a new possible outlet for that creativity. It really isn’t such a boring thing to do to cook. Just stick to simple recipes. And don’t worry, even if you don’t consider yourself a creative – it still can be fun. It’s risky and almost adventurous to throw some stuff together in a way you never tried before. And the worst that could happen is that you (or s.o. else trying it) doesn’t like it. But that’s okay. You just learned what does not work. Just like a kid that learns it can’t quite jump as far or high as it believed it could. It’s all part of the learning experience.

Now that we have covered this, back to the muesli

So I have my basic muesli mix. To give you an idea what it contains look at the following list:

  • 88% rolled oats (common porridge oats, wheat flakes, barley flakes, rye and spelt flakes)
  • 10% seeds (linseed, sunflower seeds, seasam seeds, pumpkin seeds)
  • 2% puffed amaranth

Now unless you live in Germany, it is likely that you won’t find the same mix. Yet this gives you an idea what it should contain – different oat varieties, seeds and why not some super foods like chia seeds or amaranth?

Though I buy it premixed, I want to eventually buy all of the ingredients seperately and mix my own. I think that way plastic packaging can be further reduced and it will allow for more variety. To mix it, I’ll put it in a huge glass container, that we happen to have at home.


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