Muesli for breakfast (Diary – Day 6)

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Cook it

If you tried plain muesli before and didn’t like it – I encourage you to give it another try. As you could read in my diary: the problem for me was that I had stopped to cook it. When I added sugar it was okay chewing it dry, as long as I drank lots of water afterwards.

Yet I learned that the key to make it taste good is to cook it with some water. I also think it will make it easier to digest for your body and by pre-soaking the dry ingredients you’ll be less thirst afterwards.

How? I actually cook my muesli mix in a small frying pan… but that’s up to you.
  • I start with coconut oil (heating it up)
  • Then I often add some buckwheat to roast a little bit before I add the other stuff
    • buckwheat is a great alternative for people who don’t want gluten in their diet, as it belongs to the group of pseudocereals
    • it’s rich in protein too
  • Add the oats mix of your liking
  • Don’t be afraid to try adding different stuff, to give you an idea what I’ve tried
    • Chia seeds (though they are better when you soak them first)
    • Puffed amaranth
    • Hemp hearts (or hemp powder/flour, though that needs some getting used to)
    • I recently even added precooked Quinoa (white one) as it is also a good source of protein
      • don’t use salt when cooking it
      • gives the mix a nutty taste
      • if you don’t know what Quinoa tastes like: try it first before you add it, my sister for example didn’t like it, but then she never eats Quinoa either
  • As you might notice: most of these add-ons are protein rich sources, this way the obverall carb % decreases while the % of protein, diffferent nutrient and healthy fats increases
  • Add about twice as much water to thre mix and cook it until there is no water left or the muesli soaked up all of it
  • Try frying it if you like! You could even add a bit of flour (like the hemp flour) to try to bind it more. I never tried it, but who knows, it might even turn into a healthy pancake!

Cooking time

Cook until it is not runny anymore. It usually takes about 5minutes. You can eat it while it’s warm (great for cold winter mornings) or let it cool down. Leftovers muesli makes a great snack or dessert for later.

A tipp: Use a lid to save energy and cook it faster. It’s ok to turn off the cooking plates when there is still a bit of water left. There will still be enough heat to keep it warm and the rest water will be soaked up. This also allows you to further decrease the time it needs to look after it, helping you get other things (like cutting the fruit) organized and ready.


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