Muesli for breakfast (Diary – Day 6)

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To add flavour

  • I simply add fruit – yay for “sugar” in it’s healthiest form plus extra fibre and vitamins!
    • 1/2-1 fruit per person/serving is heaps
    • I usually only have one kind of fruit, but you can do it as you like and mix as many as you like. It’s probably a great thing to do when you are feeding a whole family. Different fruits translating to more vitamins to start the day with.
    • My favorite fruit are: Apples, bananas or pears, but you can use whatever you like, like berries etc.
    • Chop in pieces and mix it into the muesli
    • I tried and I prefer to add the fruit after wards, but you can also cook it with the muesli
    • It’s recommended to not eat too many fruits… a good amount are about 3 pieces a day. Meaning the amount of fruit sugar we consume is at a level where it probably won’t cause harm. I’ll write more about fruit sugar later on.
  • No fancy yoghurt.
    • Anything that is not plain, natural yoghurt as a matter of fact is full of sugar.
    • Even worse, are the low fat yoghurts: they need more sugar to taste good, as fat conveys the taste. So by removing fat, you remove the taste, meaning it needs to be replaced in form of sugar and added flavours! (Again, it’s sad these things are sold to us as healthy alternatives, when really they are not!)
    • Even with natural yoghrts you will find that there is sugar inside: So check the labels and ingredients list, until you find the one that has the least.
    • I recommend using no yoghurt at all. To me my muesli tastes quite great with the added fruit alone.
  • Coconut flakes
    • They are naturally a bit sweet (again I check the label that they have “no added sugar” beforehand!)
    • I like the coconut taste in general, so I always cook it with the muesli, hoping that the flavour will spread
    • And they are also supposed to be really healthy – healthy fats and good nutrients!
    • I’m not there yet, but ideally one can buy a real coconut (reduce platic packaging) – to get all the healthy benfits these fruit can offer us. (The cocunut flesh can also be used as a treat or snack for kids…I know some and they love it! Though like everything, it’s not for everyone.)
  • Of course you could also add milk
    • I prefer to use Rice or Coconut milk, both of them are naturally a bit sweet
    • Almond milk is also great
    • Unfortunately, a lot of the ‘cow milk alternatives’ have added sugar, so it’s advisable to check labels first ->’no added sugar’ or check under carbs, how much sugar they contain.
  • Dried fruit as an alternative for fresh fruit
    • Personally I don’t like raisins or dattes, but they are sweet and healthy
    • Here to it is advisable to check for ‘added sugar’. When I travelled in Canada I got really hooked on cranberries. Back at home I looked for them, but checking the sugar content made me put them back in the shelf. What a shame!
  • Nuts and seeds
    • You can add these as you like. Personally, I prefer to eat nuts and seeds as snacks throughout the day. So I don’t add on top of what my muesli already contains.
  • Spices – add cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla or whatever else you can think of!

Voilà, you got yourself a healthy breakfast

…and many options to keep it interesting! I hope this helps to give you a great start into the day. Unfortunately people who require a gluten free diet might be less flexible in their options, since oats do contain gluten. An alternative here would be to replace them with pseudocereals.

…take your time getting used to the muesli if you haven’t been eating plain muesli before. I promise you that your taste buds will get used to it. And then, you’ll be longing for it!

…if it really is bad at first and nothing else helps to improve taste:
Don’t put sugar into the mix!
Try sprinkling a tiny bit of sugar on top of the meal instead. It is my experience that mixing it in, improves taste very little and we tend to add more. If you put it on top instead, your taste buds for sweetness (on the tip of your tongue!) will pick it up and you can use as little sugar as it needs. And really, after a while the fruits’ sweetness will be enough.


Give yourself the blessing of taking your time to eat

That’s my last advice for today. And a really important one to get the most out of your delicious breakfast!

Making time to sit down is not only more relaxing and helps to reduce stress in the mornings, it also can prevent you from just wulfing down your breakfast. Now that you know you have time, make it a point to ‘chew’ your food properly. I too tend to eat too quickly, which is not only unsatisfying for my brain, but also often makes me over eat. Now that is okay for me, but if you are on a diet, you probably don’t want that.

The worst thing about not chewing properly

…is that your body might not get all the nutrients out of that healthy food you put in. Therefore, the more you break down the food through chewing and the more salvia (with all it’s carb splitting enzymes) gets to surround the food, the easier it becomes to digest!

So especially if you buy really ‘high quality’ (aka expensive food): You wanna make sure you sit down and chew it well, so that your nutrients and money don’t (literally) go down the toilet. Ok? 😉

What are your thoughts, experiences and tips for making a healthy breakfast? Feel free to share them here, so that other readers can learn from you!


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