Olive Oil (Diary – Day 17 Part II)

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So what did I learn today that is related to sugar and well being?

First of all, walking is great. It really helps you relax. I’ve read recommendations to at least walk about 30minutes a day. That seems to make sense. And it’s a perfectly perfect way to create a breather in my busy schedule. Make sure you too implement breathers into your daily life, it is great!

‘Finding time’ for breathers – It’s all about your mindset!

Often, you don’t even have to make time in your busy schedule. Instead use those opportunities (wanted or unwanted) that come at you all the time anyways:

  • If you happen to miss the tram…walk a few stations until the next one arrives.
  • If you couldn’t find a close parking space – no problem, enjoy the free time outside and the excellent excuse for spending that time there. No one tells you to be stressed about it, so relax and instead look for interesting things…
    •  Like plants growing in unwanted places…. One must admit, they are amazing, no? To grow out of a tiny space while being stepped on all the time?
    • Or the roots of the trees lifting up all that concrete put on top of them?  They are real survivors.
    • Learning to appreciate these little things helps to put things into perspective. How challenging must life be for them? It’s not just you alone who struggles.
  • Also if you happen to have enough time to walk: Then walk to your grocery store. That is what I did today.
Combining ‘slowing down’ with exercise and buying healthy food

Though I walked down the opposite direction I usually take. I  visited a ‘busy’ road (for my town that is) with many small shops.  While doing so I looked for organic food and fresh vegetables.

I even got myself another avocado, which is funny, because I never was crazy about them. But I bought one a few days ago, after looking up magnesium rich foods. The avocado went so well with my arugola salad that I wanted more 🙂

I also bought native Olive Oil

I recently watched a video interview with Dr. Steven Gundry (about his book ‘The plant paradox’). In this video he talked about a certain tuber diet and recommended to consume as much as 1 litre of Olive Oil per week! Now, I’m not gonna be that crazy, yet it reminded me of what an excellent way healthy oil is to gain energy. As for how truthful the rest of his diet is, I’m not sure. When first hearing about it, it seemed plausible. Yet when digging further, I found a lot of bad reviews about the book. Theseclaim that he is lacking in consistency and scientific proofs and studies for his thesis. So, I think I’ll stick with reducing simple sugars (or empty carbs). The effects of sugar have been studied much better and there are enough scientific resources to back up the fact that too much sugar is not healthy.

After watching this I wondered if that wasn’t what I’ve been missing when looking at food recently

Every food containing fat, always has mostly saturated fats. I was surprised and happy to see that in olive oil there are only about 6g of 90g saturated fats. Everything else are the good essential oils that our body needs to function well.

Buying the olive oil I made me really happy.  I felt closer to solving the problem of ‘low energy at work’. I was even more happy after trying it and tasting it’s rich olive oil flavour.

Of course, it was not quite as good as the oil I helped produce in 2015 on a small ‘Agritourismo’ in Italy

I loved the aromatic fresh Olive Oil I got to try in Italy some years ago. And it’s considered to be one of the healthiest oils too! (And so are sunflowerseeds oil and coconut oil, by the way).

During my stay at that small agritourismo I was taught how big companies are often cheating when producing the oil.

Even if it is good oil, some flavour gets lost as the oil gets older… my 2 litres of freshly produced olive oil that I got to take back home tasted far less aromatic at the end (after half a year). Yet it was still tasting  SO much better than cheap oilve oil.

To top it all of the new oil I bought claims to be organic. My thoughts about labels I’ll try to share at a later point! Altogether today was a real success and I look forward to eating more green salads from now on!

What about you? Do you love olive oil too? Or do you prefer other oils and for what reason? You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

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