Changing habits brings up many questions (Diary – Day 5)

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Questions like: Is it ok to replace the need for sugar with ‘natural sugar’?

In the morning I allow myself some honey in my coffee. Yes, it’s added sugar, but in the most healthy way it can come, as far as I know. Does that count as cheating? (Yes.) Three years ago, I met a german couple in Canada. The wife was really into healthy and natural food and she said that honey is the best replacement you can find. Maybe I should catch up with her. Anyways, it’s certainly a topic I need to look into more!

Is that allowed or am I cheating?

I guess I cheated twice today… there was that one piece of chocolate I had gotten from the show I attented last weekend. There, I had only wanted aquire a pen, because I liked the style of it. This pen came attached to a flyer, and attached to the flyer was that piece of chocolate. And today… you see, I just had to get rid of it… It vanished together with a second piece of chocolate that came as a bit of a surprise: I found it in one of my christmas calendars!

I know it’s almost the end of January (the diary entry was written on January 22, 2018), so the calendars shouldn’t have been around anymore. Yet, they had kind of disappeared underneath a pile of paperwork. I finally cleaned up that pile today, and tada, there they were. I had forgotten all about them. I was sure they were empty, so I separated the plastic from the cardborad/paper so that I could seperately dispose of them. And out came the little piece of temptation.

But it’s all about not buying new chocolate and about buying good organic fairtrade chocolate, when I do give in, right? Eating what’s there is kind of ok.   No it’s not, no excuses! Well, that makes €2 to be donated for a good cause. Good job!

If only cravings wouldn’t exist…

Often I find myself walking into the kitchen… usually on the mission to find anything sweet. And if there is nothing to be found, I’d cheer myself up with a cup of hot chocolate/ovaltine! Or coffee with sugar (and milk). Or tea with sugar. Or juice.

Meaning, it really doesn’t matter too much what I get. What matters to my body is that it contains sugar. My need for sugar is greater than the need for coffein, for example. I can easily replace a cup of coffee with a hot chocolate. As long as I don’t leave out the ‘drug’ – my beloved sugar. So I wonder, who said that sugar doesn’t make you addicted? Because officially it doesn’t. Inofficially, it does, I only have to look at myself to know the truth.

Or questins like: Is this habit even still necessary?

Recently I’ve been wondering: Why am I still drinking coffee? To me, black coffee tastes horrible!

That’s because it is a habit. And more: It is that image of a certain lifestyle, that we were made to believe is part of ‘a good life’. This imaget has been burned into our minds again and again by all these ads out there. They tell us how much we need that sip of coffee to be able to work or to feel good.

Therefore it is a lifestyle drink. It’s about that feeling I get when I put a hot drink to my lips. How it heats me up from the inside… Energizes me even. It’s about that feel of the cup in my hand. About having a sip of it now and then (and shutting up my thirsty or hungry body by doing so). Sometimes it is all about the believe that it will magically turn me into a more productive person for the next 2 hours… And in overal, it is comforting. Even just knowing that it is there already helps to make life look better, right?

Yet, I often let my drinks get cold, because I get distracted. Meaning, I’m not really needing it that much, as I believe I do. But in contrast to that, if I know that Ican’t have a hot drink (especially in the mornings), I end up really longing for it! Cravings sure are a strange thing. Yet somehow somewhat predicatable, aren’t they?

So I guess I need to prepare better to outsmart my cravings or accept the fact and endure the cravings and get over it. I guess it could also be the time to further reduce my coffee consume. After all I don’t like it without sugar.


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