Changing habits brings up many questions (Diary – Day 5)

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Back to the question, how to best replace sugar in my diet?

While working as a pink lady, as I like to call myself when wearing my pink work outfit; I ate a pink lady – Oh no, I ate myself! Sorry, that’s a bad pun. Of course, I am talking about pink lady apples.  But it always tickles my sense of humour when I work in pink and eat those apples, which happen to be my favorite variety. Because they are very sweet, that’s why.

Sugar from real fruits has become a much needed replacement. Before, I often left the healthy alternative rott away on the kitchen counter… I always regret that after it happened, yet still I let it happen. Shame on me! It’s a real waste of good food. Though I believe it will be less of an issue now. Now that I crave fruits, especially bananas, more than ever. In case you didn’t know. Bananas are great source of magnesium. So now that chocolate, which was probably my main source of magnesium before, has been banned out of my diet, they have become my number one snack. When you do a lot of sport, getting that magnesium for your muscles is cruicial after all. And of course they are sweet and help beat that craving.

And then shopping became more difficult…

I ran out of bananas. So after work I hurried to buy new ones. After claiming my treasure, my precious, I looked around me wondering what else I could bring home. Nothing appealed to me! Geez! What am I gonna live off from now on…?

Finally I decided on some pears and a lemon. Vitamins at least. Vegetables, didn’t quite speak to me, only fruits… certainly something in me was telling me to bring home as much sugar as possible, no matter in what form.

Processed food: Yes or no?

Juice & Co. were appealing too…but ’11g sugar in 100ml’ made me wonder: Is all of that natural fruit sugar? Or added sugar? I really pondered about this for a while. Why? Because I do like juice. And wouldn’t it be a healthy alternative?

The more conscious I get of this topic about added sugar in processed foods, the more I look around feeling like a rat in a trap! Where is the way out? The reality is, once you start looking, you’ll plainly see that sugar has been added to most processed food. While my 60 days without added sugar and chocolate project was originally only including the sugar I add myself. I’ll still start to look more closely at the things that I eat. Especially if they have been processes in one way or another. There is no absolute answer to the question ‘Is it okay to eat processed food?’ Instead I have to look at everthing first, judge and then learn what products have a low sugar content and which ones have way too much? It’s a real challenge.

So maybe I’ll just go with bread and butter?

I could, but bread has wheat and gluten in it…  I don’t think I have a problem with gluten, by the way. But I’ve been researching (as I like to call my googling sessions) about this and that and have come to the conclusion that I should try reducing it in my diet. Even if only to test how my body adjusts when I stop eating it for a while. Tough idea! Because I love to eat bread. Good german bread… To put it into a relative: These last couple weeks or longer I have been mainly living of bread! I ate up to one loaf in one and a half days!

And then there is the issue with milk. Not because of lactose, but because we in general eat too many products made of cow milk. Meaning butter too, is a no go. Sigh.

Becoming aware, doesn’t necessarily mean, things become easier…

But it allows us to take responsibility. To make informed decisions. And that’s a good thing! 

While I’m learning more and more. While I work on making more informed decisions, I’ll start to make subtle changes in my diet besides reducing added sugar. But altogether it is a bit much to leave out basically everything I have been eating before. And while a radical diet might work for some guys, considering my physically streneous work, I want to stick to the slower approach of changing my eating habits, one or two at a time, for now.

Back to the question ‘Will grocery shopping be more difficult?’

Yes at first. But in reality I belive it will become easier. Why? Well, from now on, my main area of interest is restricted to: the fruits and vegetable section, frozen food section (to stock up on frozen veggies and fruit – but just to warn you – here too, it could be advisable to check labels for no added sugar and other unnecessary ingredients!) and dry staples section. Which will make shopping a lot faster and more efficient, as I figured out today, when I skipped anything processed and left the store within 5 minutes. (Mind you I was not buying food for a whole family nor for the rest of the week… my main desire was wo grab some ‘healthy snacks’).


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