Changing habits brings up many questions (Diary – Day 5)

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To sum it up

The only real answer to most questions about food, seems to be: cook! Everything. By yourself.

I mean who knows what stuff restaurants put in your meals? I’ve seen Mag*** bottles and other unhealthy stuff put into meals to improve their taste while delivering food. I guess that is the price you pay for eating cheap or fast food. So if you don’t cook yourself, you are at someone else’s whim. Meaning you eat whatever the restaurants decides is good and what isn’t, and what makes a profit for them and what doesn’t. Got it? I certainly feel more like eating in certain types of restaurants from now on… they might not be as cheap, but at least they usually care about quality and sustainably produced ingredients. Which is a bonus 🙂

Once you become aware, it’s likely that you too  find yourself stuck in a world in which you suddenly can’t eat everything anymore. And maybe that is better! Not only will cooking ourselves give us back the control over the food that we consume, it will also turn you into a master detective, while you are trying to learn to find that hidden sugar or other unhealthy ingredients in your favorite foods. You will learn how fine the sweet spider web around us has been woven. It is right in front of our eyes, yet we don’t see it.

Now that I’ve become more aware, I have to accept that I will look like a weirdo from now on. Now I will be that ‘super low-fat-diet-woman’ that turns every package around to read the label, that I never wanted to be. The only difference is, that I’ll not be counting calories or fat content, I’ll be looking at the sugar content instead. And at the ingredients list.

Ce la vie! I guess. Oh well, I’ll practise shrugging my shoulders and pretend I don’t care until I get used to it!

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