Reducing stress in my life (Diary – Day 14)

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Maniac Monday Wednesday

“Going slow. Reducing stress, listening to music and cycle as fast as I comfortably can do.”

Working on physical and mental relaxation

As mentioned before, I started to take yoga classes, in order to schedule time off and away from home. It definitely is a good practice to stay focused and present and forget other issues. Meaning I get a break from all that stuff that’s going on.

Since my yoga class two days ago my legs have also felt much better. It really helped my muscles to relax after all the stretching! Now, I feel much less like a „bleierne Ente“ (that’s a German proverb to say ‘that you feel heavy’ or ‘feel like lead’. It’s normally used for people who can’t swim, or in my case: for me, who can’t cycle fast.)

What could be the cause for feeling like that in the first place? I guess, either my changed diet (no more sugar to burn) or the fact that I’m using a different bicycle at the moment which simply isn’t intented for fast city cycling. Or probably both.

Reducing stress at work

So I also decided to reduce my stress levels further and ease my leg’s pain by going a bit slower. Listening to music also helps, though I only ever listen with my right ear, as my left one has to listen for traffic. I find myself heavily relying on my senses (seeing light beams, hearing cars) when I work my evening shifts. So I wouldn’t risk to not hear anything.

The good thing is, no one really cares too much if you are delivering the food a bit late. The customers don’t really mind because they have no high expectations or simply because they are used to meal deliveries taking time: Cars stuck in traffic, restaurants wthat deliver late, it’s the norm and everyone knows it. So unless it is one hour late, they don’t care much. (If you missed my earlier post where I write about my work, have a look here.)

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