Sugary temptations, traps and solutions (Diary – Day 3)

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I’ve been wondering how to publish this diary the best way…. I haven’t proofread any of my diary entries so far, meaning I’ll have quite a bit of editing to do, to make them more understandable for you. (Because I like to jump from one idea to another unrelated one, and get off-topic along the way.) Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion, that it is easier to separate content, when possible. This way it will be easier for you to find the stuff you are interested in:

So today the diary entry will be displayed first. And the more practical or educational information can be found afterwards. Let me know how you like it!

Day 3

A new perspective about my sweet toxic environment

Today I went to a business show. It must have also been the first time ever that I became so keenly aware of how loaden with sugary temptations my surroundings are. ‘A toxic environment’ as Robert Lustig would call it. That seems to be true. Sweet temptations are everywhere. So be warned, going out won’t be as easy anymore.

My main purpose for visiting the show had been to listening to some seminars for wanna-be-entrepreneurs. Inbetween I walked around the many halls that were brimming full with companies trying to attract new apprentices or universities advertising for their courses. About every second booth that I passed offered gummy bears, bonbons and other sweets. They all  had snacks on display to attract people… even the health sectors. And then there were plenty bistro stands offering coffee, cake, lemonade and other tempting food like ice cream. Anytime I looked around while listening to a seminar in the open hall, I would see at least one person eating ice cream.

Certainly not a good place for people trying to reduce their sugar intake. More a place for torture, really, depending on how addicted and strong-willed you are.

Resisting temptations

Yet I’m proud to be able to say that though it was a bit tempting I fared pretty well. Considering I can get quite jealous over a piece of cake that someone else is eating and how tormenting my chocolate cravings at home can be. I only gave in to a small sized subway cookie.

Why that one? Well… You don’t get these kind of cookies outside of subway in Germany, as far as I know. While in North America they were a standard at Timmies and I even saw them sold at gas stations. If you live there, you might know what I’m talking about – these amazing, soft and yummy triple chocolate or macademia nut coo… but wait, I think I am getting a bit off topic here.

Yet, to make sure that my readers do know that resisting those temptations was not easy: I really loved and still love my chocolate and cookies and cake… It’s not gonna be easy to shift my thinking (and shake off my mental cravings for them – meaning to avoid using these things as pleasure food). I hope it will gradually happen within these 60 long days without added sugar or chocolate.

Even worse: I’m fully aware that even after that, it will need a lot of discipline to keep it up.

To end it on a positive note

Back to the show. There was a small but positive trend of booths offering a healthy alternative: Apples. I only saw three out of many hundred booths, but three are better than none!

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