Joining a Yoga class to improve my well-being (Diary – Day 12)

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Chances are likely you have heard of Yoga and it’s many advantages

So I’ll skip on telling you all that ūüôā¬†I’ve had a few yoga sessions here and there in the last ten years, but never took a real class. To improve my overall fitness, it was time to look into classes and to finally commit myself to taking one.

My body thanked me by feeling incredibly good the next day when I went to work

And I work as a bicycle courier, so I spent about 18-30 hours a week on my bicycle. Stretching after my work shifts surely helps to relax my muscles too, but it just isn’t as good as Yoga. And being at home, or tired or simply lazy, I often skip stretching unless something somewhere starts to become painful or tight. What I liked about the idea of yoga is, that all the muscles get trained, stretched and afterwards relaxed. Or rather the whole body, since one usually also gets to focus on breathing. Though at first I found it hard to concentrate on my breathing and turn of my mind in order to forget daily tasks & problems. That has always been a challenge, especially at home, when I try to meditate.

Allow yourself the gift of time

So when taking the yoga class, I tell myself: “You are away from everything else, nothing you can do at the moment. These 90 minutes are for you yourself. ” And that helps. Paying money for it also makes you feel more like actually going and making use of the opportunity. It’s funny how I have to use these little tricks to stay on track, even though I know that it will be good for me. But as I’m trying to get my life a bit more organized it can feel like a hassle.

Time to change my mindset and attitude about this

It really is all about your perspective, your opinion.

If you want to see something as a something negaitive, like me saying ‘It’s a hassle’. Then it will feel like one. But when I tell myself it is a reward, it is worth the money and time. When I think that I am investing in my well-being, that I’m for once doing something to help my body rather than just ‘using’ it as a slave to meet my minds needs, it feels much better.

I have recently learnt that it’s not ‘work’ nor ‘family’ or ‘others’ that is at fault. It is me who chooses to make such things my priority. Because the truth is, if we really would not want to do something, we would not do it – just like we do when procrastinating. Therefore it is not the fault of ‘other influences’ but it is the fault of us not being able to set our priorities straight. Or not sticking to it, because we lack organisation or motivation or whatever else hinders us.

And the truth is, we all know that. But it’s an unpleasant truth to our ego

It’s much easier (and more pleasant) to blame someone or something else for our own shortcomings. Isn’t it so? It certainly is so for me. And I too have known that for a while, yet it is easy to fall back into blaming outside influences, instead of checking inside us and working on fixing it.

My Yoga class was a great reminder of this and I’m glad I took it.

What about you? Do you struggle with a similar problem? Or do you have any tips how to actually allow yourself to do the things that you know that they will do you good?

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