You might have noticed – I love to read and listen to good audiobooks.

So I figured, why should I not share my favorite books with you?

I believe that every person matters and that everyone of us has a greater impact on our surroundings than we think we do.

By connecting people with good books, I am convnced that their personal impact will change and in general become a better impact than it was before.

Why is learning important for sustainable living?

I’ve covered this in another article. You can find more about that here.

It might surprise you that many of these book recommendations have nothing to do with sustainability. But that’s only on the surface.

Once you embark on the life-long journey of learning, continuous growth will happen:

With growth comes a more purposeful live and the realization that all you do has an impact – on your beloved, on your community and especially on the environment.

Whether you want to start your own green business, learn healthier habits but struggle doing so, want to become a better leader, or because you love to read and learn, like me – There’s a book for everyone and every topic out there in the world.

But are they worth your money and time?

If you like my blog you will definitely love these books! I am only promoting books I have finished myself of these only those that had the greatest impact on my life! I’ve overcome some of my own struggles, learnt healthier habits, been greatly inspired by and become a master of my own destiny through these books.

I can only recommend them because to me these books are worth gold.

Top 5 Books for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

      1. ‘Start with Why’ – By Simon Sinek
        Audiobook*  |  Book**  ]
      2. ‘The 7 Habits of Highly effective People’ – By Stephen R. Covey
        [  Audiobook*  |  Book**  ]
      3. ‘The 8th Habit’ – By Stephen R. Covey
        Audiobook* | Book**  ]
      4. ‘Indistractable’ – By Nir Eyal, Julie Li
        Audiobook*  |  Book**  ]
      5. ‘Finish what you start’ – By Peter Hollins
        Audiobook*|  Book**  ]

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**All links marked like this will lead you to the used books page. I’m no affiliate for amazon! But it simply remains the biggest online shopping plattform with lots of used books for sale. In consideration of our planet please consider buying a used book first, before looking for a completely new one.