Climate Reality Leader Training in Berlin (Part I): How it came to be

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In my last post I briefly mentioned ‘The Climate Reality Project’ Event, so in this article I want to talk a bit more about it.

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps event took place in Berlin from June 26th-28th. But how did I end up there?

Indeed, I must admit, I never read the book ‘An inconvenient truth’ by Al Gore, nor its sequel. I also didn’t watch the movie they made about it. Yet, the name was not unfamiliar to me. 10 months ago, while waiting for my flight back home I saw the book and it’s new sequel in a bookstore at Vancouver Airport. I looked at it and thought it would be a good read…. If only my luggage hadn’t already been full of unread books and other stuff, very likely exceeding my weight limit already and thus making any additional weight unthinkable. So that was the end of it.

Never would I have thought back then, that I would actually attend a Climate Reality Leader training organized by the non-profit organization that Al Gore, the author of the book, had brought to life. Indeed, I was not even aware of its existence!

And I would likely still be ignorant of it, if it had not been for a friend, who sent me the application link on the very day of the deadline: May 22nd 2018. Admittedly, I was quite busy, and had it not been the last day to submit the application, I would probably have postphoned and missed it. But as it was, and upon considering my position as a new blogger who wanted to write more about sustainable living, but felt hat she possessed insufficient knowledge – I figured I might as well throw in my application and see what will come out of it.

A few weeks later I received an email of acceptance.

We are not alone

And so I was to attend a big event like the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training for the first time and all by myself. I hardly knew what to expect.

To my relief, all participants were grouped and under the care of Climate Reality Mentors. Our mentor, Eva, asked us to send a short introduction of ourselves, which then was bundled into a long, long pdf and sent to us a couple of days ahead of the event. Thus we already could learn more about our fellow group members. We could read about the things about them –  that they deemed worthy of sharing about themselves – which made it easier to connect during the event.

We were a ‘beautiful ‘mix of everything:

Of all ages – from very young, courageous and (to me) surprisingly caring& involved teenagers/adults, to eager seniors, who did not think it too late in their lives to make a change for the better. People had come from all kinds of occupations. And a great number of nationalities were represented: Many people had com from far, far away to attend this event! Though the majority, I think, came from Europe, especially from Germany, since The Climate Reality event took part in Berlin.

But we all had one thing in common:

We wanted to make a change. We had realized something was amiss and had turned to this event for better enlightment or rather a more thourough understanding of the whole situation. And we had also come with the hope to meet similar minded people and make meaningful connections – either private or business connections. And I hope I can truthfully speak for everyone, when I venture to say: We all wanted – to put it in a romantic or idealistic way – ‘to save the world’. By whatever means we were  and are able to do so. And thus were looking for some guidance through the body of this huge non-profit organization.

In the end many things that were said and done, reminded me of what I like to call ‘the butterfly effect’. One thing is for sure, neither one of us was alone in their dreams and hopes for a better future. And neither one of us is alone in their efforts to make a change. Its all about the collective effect of every single person’s efforts and considerations!

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