Change Leaders Inspiring Me Event in Hamburg

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On October 20th I went to the first C.L.I.ME event in Hamburg. In this post I want to share my insights and summarize the event for you.

What is  Change Leaders Inspiring me (short: C.L.I.ME) about?

The event was organized and brought about by Eva Keretic, who is not only a great song writer and singer, but also has a greater vision. She is passionate about making a change and inspiring people to become more involved. And she also happened to be my mentor at the Climate Reality Leader Training I took in Berlin. Which is how I got to meet to her and learn about this event in the first place.

The original idea behind the event was to give ambitious Climate Reality Leader trainees of Eva a chance to hold a Climte Reality presentation. But it was not limited to that. Anyone who has a vision, a sustainable project or knowledge he/she wants to talk about was invited to speak. So Eva invited some of her amazing friends to share their messages.

Thanks to these speakers who contributed a great variety of topics following the main theme Systems and System Thinking it turned into a very inspiring and insightful event that left me with lots of things to think about.

Main theme: ‘Systems and System Thinking’

The message was clear: We need to protect this world by taking on a more systematic approach.

  • Whether it is the body-mind connection for inner balance, following your passions for more satisfaction or simply helping others which makes us feel happier in life. When we are balanced, healthy and our basic needs fulfilled (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) we
  • Or the investment in green businesses, solutions and research to find ways to improve the current systems.

In order to change the current system to a more sustainable we need to think through the whole concept of how our world works, inspect it from all perspectives. We need to consider the small parts (=us) that are the system as much as the whole system itself. And then find a sustainable solution to bring about the needed change,  not just a quick fix or beautification bandage. Only through such a holistic approach we can create change. But changing us, who are the parts that make the system in the first place, is a very good beginning.

Eva Keretic giving a presentation: We have solutions.
Eva Keretic during her presentation of the Climate Reality slide show.


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