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Artistic non-profit ‘Many Children – One World’

Frank Rosenzweig and Valerie Mouton-Rosenzweig created this project. It started a long time ago and, like all good things, took time to take its shape. The result is an amazing, global art and peace project!

It all started with Frank wanting to do something – anything – against war. Being a painter, he painted a young girl clothed in a flag crying while running away from war. It was well received, but he was not satisfied. Something felt wrong about fighting against war. He choose to be positive rather than negative and his new painting was of a young, well protected child that had never suffered from war.

Frank Rosenzweigs painting of a happy, protected young girl.
Choosing a positive attitude over a negative one: To support peace rather than fight against war.

This picture was indirectly the beginning of a broader mission to promote a peace movement. Today he and Valerie are trying to teach children through Art that there is no one person that is not different from another. Through simple questions Frank and Valerie help our young ones to understand, what we often struggle with:

“If we are all different, then our greatest common similarity is our uniqueness/differences. If we are all different, why should we group or label each other only to fight against each other?”

Educating children about their rights to live in peace

By sharing their own visions of peace Frank and Valerie Rosenzweig hope for peace to become more of a real concept. They have children draw their own world peace flags and this allows them to think about the topic and take it in. Children easily understand teh concept and accept it.

By thus educating our next generations about peace they are not only laying a foundaton for the future, but often also leave the school they worked with a more tolerant place and a feeling of being one, a union, behind.

Global Art – Connecting people all around the world

The project does not end with educating children around the world. Through their non profit Many Children – One World Frank and Valerie also set up installations in the 7 representative continents that are connected with each other. This allows people in one installaton to view people who are visiting another installation at the same time through a live camera. At the same time there is an audio playing children saying Many Children, One World in their own mother tongues. And their website offers information about peace for children, so that they can educate themselves about their rights to live in peace.

Happiness & Sustainability

Caroline Kanjookaran, a fellow Climate Reality Leader trainee of mine, held this presentation. She lives in Berlin, but is from Indian origin. Recently married she went home to visit her family in India and ended up in a huge flood.Luckily she and her family survived it, but the memory sunk in deep:

“Money does not help you when facing natural disasters. You can not eat it and you can not use it to save your homes from being washed away or ruined.”

And if we continue to cause Climate Change through the pollution of our environment, scientists forecast what we are already experience all around the world. There are more severe droughts and more severe wildfires in some parts o the world, while others get destroyed by rising water levels and floods or stronger storms and hurricanes. If we continue to put money first, rather than our environment, than we will soon be faced with the reality of how much use that money is, as weather conditions worsen.

Caroline about the 2030 Agenda.
We need a more holistic Agenda. Step away from capitalistic growth alone and add “human well being” to the calculation. Because money alone doesn’t make happy.
Altruism makes people happier

Instead we should choose to live more sustainably and consciously now. A study has found that people who chose Altruism before Egoism are usually more happier than the other. Why? Because it feels good to help each other. It feels good to live sustainably, knowing that you are doing your part to stop climate change. I feels good to know that you are not pushing all the responsibilities to fix teh problems onto your children (=the next generation).

We should choose to be happy by giving and living consciously, rather than being happy by gathering money and materialistic goods. Living sustainably by no means means that we can not be happy. It is the other way around!

Renew and The Future of Algaes

Kai Pohlmann used to be a real business man. Moved by his young daugther crying

“Why are we doing this to our planet?”

while watching a movie about our oceans (and how we destroy them), he took it in his own hands to be part of the solution and create change. He founded RENEW in 2015. On a little boat he and his crew sailed from Hamburg to Paris, starting two months before the COP 21 (Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015). The project promoted using 100% renewable energy and did live broadcasts about the trip to raise awareness.

But being a business man, he also was on the lookout for green solutions. Algae, for example, seems to have potential. It’s an amazing natural resource that is easy to produce, regrows very fast, uses C02 out of the environment, can clean water, is healthy and has many other benefits. Many scientists believe it to be one of THE solutions for a greener future. You can find some quick facts about Algae and why exactly it has so much potential on

Circle of energy loss in the ocean food chain.
Every step down in the food chain energy gets lost. It makes therefore most sense to start with the first parts of the chain: Algae who ‘capture’ energy from the sun and turn it into plant energy. (Sorry for the bad quality!)
Despite its promising features

It seems that very few businesses are working on using algae yet and only artists have harnessed algae’s potential in creating interesting Art projects so far. Seeing a niche there Kai joined forces with Sea & Sun Technologies. They are working on finding ways to producing Algae in a sustainable and energy efficient way.

At the moment he is focusing on using this micro algae to produce capsulaes. These will contain efficient ingredients of algae which are beneficial for our health. But their research on how to best grow algae and how to do this in the most environmentall friendly way is the more important aspect of it, in my opinion. So by the time companies are ready to harness the potential of Algae to use it for fuel and food, there will be well researched best practices to draw from. Which will speed up the process of bringing around the use of this important and fast regrowing resource.

So was C.L.I.ME an one time only gig?

At this moment I can’t tell as there was only this event planned to see how it goes first. Depending on its success and the interest of people in such an event, there might be more in the future. I very much hope that this will be the case, because only through continual education and outreaches we can get the message across and inspire more people to take on a more sustainable and systematic approach to protect our beautiful planet.

As I believe we should – Because we only have one earth!

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