Congratulations! By clicking on this link, wondering if there could possible be any more levels of personal sustainability leadership, you have officially proven that you are a smart and curious person who wants to know more!

You can give yourself a pat on the shoulder for that!

So, are there more levels?

The owner of Patagonia has once said something along the line: There is no such thing as “100% sustainability” just many nuances of it.

As the whole level system is based on my own observations and my way to categorize our sustainable impact as sustainability leaders in the world I can say at least this much:

“There are many levels of personal and corporate sustainability and as you fine-tune and grow on each level in each aspect of life you can eventually grow to a higher level”.

Everything is connected

Everything is connected sounds like it could make it complicated, but it actually is the beauty of it all!

I doubt any one person can be on let’s say Level 4 and a sustainability thought leader and not at least be on a level of higher awareness  i.e. an aware consumer (Level 2) in other areas.

While trying to become your best you and a role model for sustainability, you will inevitably raise levels everywhere else as your values would hardly allow for anything else.

The levels are just for Orientation

With that being said, my level system is here to help you and other readers to find the content that is right for them and will not overwhelm them.

It will also give them a path to follow, if they choose so and do the work, to become good leaders faster.

So they are also a motivation, as you always know what the big picture is and in which direction you could ultimately go.

The highest level

While creating this system, I too have asked myself – How could we possibly go any higher than being a thought leader and sustainable business or non-profit owner?

It took me a while to realize that the truely highest level can only be one:

To be one.

Yes, you heard it right: Oneness. When we become one with our own species and our environment and also on a spiritual level.

It’s not easy to wrap your head around this concept and I am still learning to do so, too 🙂

Indeed, this theory that everyone is connected and thus ‘one’ is a concept that many spirituality leaders teach.

One of  them, Richard D. Blackstone, describes it like this in an article:

“Most of us view our lives from the micro-perspective, so it’s easy to fall into the paradigm that we are separate from each other. […]

From the macro perspective we all look alike, we all occupy the same space and we are all doing the same thing. We are all one.

It is the concept of oneness that is going to liberate us from the shackles we are tied to by subscribing to the mentality of ‘separation and fear.’[…] it does us such a disservice that if we continue down this path we are in jeopardy of rendering this planet uninhabitable for human life.

That alone should give us the impetus to choose another experience, such as living in oneness.”


It can be based on Quantum Physics, too.

In his book “What really nourishs us” Burkhard Hickisch describes reality like this:

Every information already exists at any given place or moment.

That is, all particles carry all information, just like the light field in a holgram carries all information of the image – thus it can be observed from any direction at any time, as long a the light is not disturbed.

To be honest, I can’t really dig deeper into quantum physics at the moment as I haven’t completely grasped it myself yet. So I don’t feel like I’m in a position to teach anyone about it.

But the bottom line is, the higest level of personal and universal sustainability is to think, feel, act and live as one.

Knowing that you can not harm another without harming yourself in some way too. Which leaves only one option for how to live life:

Through unconditional love for all things being. (Namaste!)


Now that you know what I consider to be the highest level –

What do you think? Does it make sense to you?

What do you think about Oneness or Being One? Can you wrap your mind around being one with everyone and everything? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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