“You are what you eat and do on a regular basis.”

“Your habits shape your character, your life and your future.”

If these two quotes made you stop and think about them for even a moment, that’s a good sign: 

You know you are onto something. So read on 🙂

Living sustainably is the end goal of everything

At least of everything I write about on this blog. 

But sustainability itself it is not the most important.

Yes, you heard me right.

Sustainability has no
ultimate form.
There is no perfect
to aim for.


Sustainability just has various perspectives from which it can be approached and different levels of implementation.

Which also means, we don’t need to do everything perfectly, but we’ve got to start somewhere with the right intention to move the ball forward.

Then continue to kick the ball until we get really good at it.

The most important is that you enjoy what you are doing, right?

So kick the ball as hard or gently as you please, have fun with it and keep trying. 😀

A bit of a challenge is OK.

Positive challenge encourages eustress, overwhelming challenge will likely bring unhealthy stress, failure and might force you to give up.

And that’s not what you want.

Changing takes time.

It needs patience – a lot of it.

And as much as I’d like to change the world, including myself; whenever I try to hurry up the process I end up creating a mess.

To make it short: Radical change can simply not be forced and if done so against all odds, it often is simply not sustainable.

How to go about it

Figure out at which level you think and practice sustainability and go from there. It’s never too late to start or go back to strengthen your foundation. Indeed, it is highly recommended to do that to live the life you were meant to live.

You already know what your struggle is and want to find a solution. Check this section to jump right into your problems and start solving them by learning to think sustainably, i.e. learn healthy mindsets, attitudes and habits.

Not sure where to start?

Though I highly recommend to start checking out the levels first, if all you need is a bit of inspiration start here.

1. Keep the end goal in mind

Starting point – The normal, dependant, unaware life

Level 1 – Learn & Grow Personally

Level 2 – Build sustainable Relationships

Level 3 – Grow Influence and

Level 4 – Lead, Insipire and Grow people

Are there more Levels?

Want to learn what you can do right now, right away?

Great! Check out my Guide: 13 Habits that will help the planet.

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