Climate Reality Leader Training in Berlin (Part III): About Leadership

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Would I truly consider myself a climate reality leader?

Not yet. And though it sounds difficult to be one, the answer might actually be easier than you would think.

In my opinion, anyone can become a leader as long as the one important and basic foundation exists: A care about the environment and the impact you make.

Naturally, the next step is to become active and spread the word. Once we manage that, I dare say, we can congratulate ourselves of being on the road to become a leader.

The road is long, yet ‘Rome was not built in a day’

So why should we expect to start as ‘complete’ or ‘perfect’ leaders?

Like in any other occupation, one can always start by thinking of themselves as a small leader. There are so many ‘small business’ leaders or owners out there already, all with varying degrees of leadership skills. When put into such perspective, we could simply say that we are becoming one of them.

In a way it is simply moving from level 1 to level 2. Probably no one expects us to start at level 10 (out of 10) right away. Remembering that, the responsibility of becoming a leader already seems much less scary, right? Because when we think about it, most of us already know a few people who are doing great stuff that we personally find inspiring. They are in a way role models to us. So if our family, or friends, or colleagues or neighbors can do it – Why not us, too?

My blog basically is my attempt to move to level 2.

I dared this step before I ever knew of the Climate Reality Project and thus learning about and attending it, almost felt like a sign – that I am on the right way! (And if you, like me, are a bit unsure about how to do it – there is always the option to join one of the free climate reality leader training programs.)

If someone will “follow” my examples, I of course can’t say. But if someone will be encouraged to see a fresh perspective of something they took as granted… Could be made to curious enough to ponder about and research some of the things he/she was not aware of and possibly even be inspired into take actions towards solutions…  I think that in itself would be success enough. I do not aim to be a dictator, but to inspire change after all 🙂

So yes, I am happy that I made that first initial step. You know, the first one is usually is the hardest one!

Commitment to fight procrastinaton

By joining the event I also committed to contribute ‘acts of leadership’. Commitment is a good way to fight procrastination, and keep me on track.

But by commiting to help The Climate Reality Project, as did the other 644 new trainees and about 60+ staff,  I have also gained a strong ally in the network and know that there are others who support the same good cause. ‘Power in numbers’! There are now ppl to remind me of this commitment to make a change. People that will keep inspiring me with their own commitments. A community and a collective wealth of knowledge.

After all, having the feeling that there are others who will have our back and support us, somewhat satisfies our human needs for security and belonging. I’m thinking of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs here. (If you are unfamiliar to it, check out this wikipedia article.) Meaning, only when a person’s needs are met on one step, he/she can move up onto the next level of the hierarchy.

Next steps to become a ‘climate reality leader’

After the training it is up to every participant’s liking in which way they want to contribute their acts of leadership.

And that is great! People can push themselves as little or much out of their comfortzone as they like. There is also no deadline until when. So I think the next step in becoming a leader for me is to continue writing about topics of interest. It provides a good reason to get further educated. And to write better articles. On top of that I also consider working on creating relevant videos f I can.

Every completed step, no matter if successful or not, will equal a step of taking more responsibility. A step to get more involved, reach more people, and grow. Until one morning, when I might wake up to the realisation that I have become a true advocate of the climate reality revolution 🙂

So why not give it a try?!


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