The purpose of this blog – My mission statement for TEAL sustainably.

You might think, why another blog about sustainability? There are already so many… True, but that’s exactly why I want to do it: There are many, but not enough yet!

It were blogs like the one I’m intenting to build, that taught me about healthy food, green living, permaculture gardening, or about economic challenges and problems. Often it was through them that I learned of those brave organisations and charities out there, that are actually working on solutions. That are trying to help people, wildlife and ecosystems. They are already contributing to a better world. And it’s time for more people to follow their role model!

It took me 25 years and more to get the message down, to actually actively start thinking about our world’s issues. (And I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.)

It took me another 6 years to start my own blog, to become passionate about contributing – in my own way. But now, I want to claim my spot, I want to support the right causes and organisations that I believe will make the world a better place for all of us (especially our children).


There are so still so many people, who have not been reached, who have not heard, read or gained enough information to make the switch to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. I believe, it does not necessarily need to be a radical or difficult change, to start making a collective difference. As long as the interest has been kindled.

One can start by changing daily habits and through doing so will already have a made a difference. And possibly influenced another persons life too. Every new habit that includes an interest in preserving this world and its natural inhabitants and creatures, is a step in the right direction. Because of that, every person counts. It’s about the collective impact of each one of us. It’s about starting to be aware. I want to inspire change, I want to dare my readers to make that first step.

Which brings me to the important first step of my blog: creating a mission statement. With this you can see what my long-term goals are and hold me accountable if necessary.

The mission statement:

1. Education

  • Reaching people and sharing with them what I’ve come to be passionate about and passing on the insights I gain along my own journeys.
  • Educate about issues in this world, about their solutions and what each one of us can do to contribute.
  • Educate and inform about organizations doing ‘good’ and directing people’s attention towards them. Helping them to grow and get more support.
  • Personal development, ideas and strategies that allow the reader to grow as a person. Because when we try to be the best version of us that we can be, we can inspire and reach more people and share kindness and compassion along the way. By doing that we contribute to a better, more compassionate world climate.
  • Educate about ways to make life more purposeful and fun living, to decrease stress and sufferings.
  • Tips on how to integrate more sustainable practices and habits into a persons life.
    • I belive that by living a more aware, mindful and purposeful life we can contribute and help shape the future. Every movement starts with one little step at a time.
  • Educate about healthier eating habits and practices to improve our health, fight off diseases and illnesses and help decrease people’s sufferings in the long term. That includes awareness about this world’s issues and problems in the food sector.
  • Educate about how we can actively influence our close environment and the ven the circles that seem to lie out of our influence, by setting new trends or supporting economically more correct trends.
  • In the long-term I hope to indirectly influence how people consume goods, behave themselves and change their perspective towards greener solutions. Influencing by that our human impact on the environment that I love, with all its natural habitants and habits

2. Become more financially independant

  • In the long-term I am planning to monetize this blog to make a side income.
  • The main purpose of this income will be to support the blog, to allow me to run it without running into financial issues.
  • Any surplus will allow me to work more independantly from my work as an employee. Meaning, I can invest more time in research of topics, allowing me to provide better content. It will also allow me to run more marketing ads to reach more people. As reaching as many people as possible is an important step to reach my goals.
  • Transparency:
    • I’ll be transparent with my finances. That is, I’ll share with my readers how I use the money.
    • I’m intending to support good causes with it.
    • And to use a part of it to make my dream of becoming a travel writer & photographer into a reality.
  • Traveling sustainably and working from anywhere in the world:
    • I’m intending to gain skills and grow a knowledge base about sustainable practices that I can then share with my readers. And I want to tell the stories of those, who are already out there doing good and working on green solutions. By doing so I hope to make it easier for people to to find good non-profits to donate money to or volunteer at.
    • I want to raise awareness for those non-profits by using my photography and writing skills. Thus I plan to constantly work and improve them.
    • At the same time I want to use these skills to document the beauty of this world and inspire people to protect those places. Too many places cease to be the wild and natural places that they used to be, because they became popular. Afer popularity rises capitalism will move in and we all know what that leads to.
  • That being said, I hope you don’t mind a few ads and recommendations or links here and there. They all will help me grow my business and support this blog. 😉
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