Ok, ok, this assignment really makes me struggle! Because I simply have no idea who would be a good fit to be my interviewer! A good reminder that I need to stop living in my bubble!

Okay, let’s have some fun with this!

I: “Es gibt einen Grund warum du hier bist,

bleib und finde heraus warum…”

With these words you have been inviting your readers to your website ” es gibt keine Zufäflle”, since December 2021. What was your inspiration to start your coaching business?

Kr: I guess the seeds or this business were planted during my first NLP practitioner seminar in 2021. Throughout the course the teacher – Marc Galal – often would mention: “Who knows what it is good for?

It was completely congruent to some other things I have heard or read that shared the same message. At the same time my faith in “There are no coincidences in life” grew tremendiously during this seminar.

Each day I enjoyed to find an empty table for dinner, sit down there and wait and see who would be attracted by my aura – or the aura of someone else on my table. It was a fun game that never failed to impress me. By giving away the power to make a decison with whom to sit down – i.e. forcing events – I let the flow of life do it’s magic and it returned the favor by serving me with the right people who had answers to my questions or people I could offer answers or help. It just seemed too magical & happened too often to be mere ‘coincidences’.

Or on an other occation – I got the opportunity to speak and thus get to know a little a guy who had caught my eye. I had never talked to him earlier and we seemed to have no common acquaintances between the 360 or so participants.

On that day, after a late night, I felt pretty tired and it took me some effort to get up for the seminar which was taking place in a different hotal than the one I stayed at. I was going to be late. Yet, it being my principle to at least always walk down the stairs when I can, I still took this slower way to get there.

A few floors down, I heard steps above me – which soon caught up and it turned out to be that person. We now easily broke the ice with some small talk and I could tell that he was interested. Eventually nothing happened – because I felt that the chemistry was not right – yet I was still invited to dance with him on our Gala night which finished off the seminar.

To sum it up: It seemed too much like the works of the so-called ‘Law of Attraction’, to be a mere coincidence.

I left the seminar single, but with two new beliefs deeply installed:

  1. Who knows what it is good for?
    I just love how this short sentence can question anything and give any event a positive outlook! It’s pure medicine, when you play it right and try to see the “good” in it, like lil Polyanna would do!
  2. There are no coincidences – every person you meet, every thing that is presented to you – is there for a purpose. And it’s you who get’s to choose what to make out of it. But it clearly is something we have willingly or unwillingly attracted!

Interestingly, when you look closely you notice that both have a very similar meaning:

There are no coincidences – everything happens for a reason (whether we like it or not).

And thus I knew – I wanted to use this sentence with all its wisdom – in some way or another – to help empower people.

I: And you did! With over 25k followers and more than 20 fully booked nature coaching trips a year – you are doing pretty well for a coach in your niche! How did you achieve this?

Kr: Good question! There were some key players who helped me to get there, and I will always be indebted to them!

It all started with a woman that I had coached during a practice session on my NLP seminar. She was a well-doing actress and on the day we all departed she told me that I should go right into coaching, because “you already have it in you, you can do it“. I had helped her and she had full faith in my abilities – that was a huge booster for my self-confidence which had been shattered to pieces a year earlier and I had yet to gather all the pieces together to regain my old confidence.

I also had two people with me during the seminar – who I barely knew through a friend – but they gave me support and unconditional love – spoiling me like I was their daughter! – not only there but continuedly afterwards. And that support kept pushing me and inspiring me as I followed her career as a coach!

It was precious to have people believe in me!

Actually the whole seminar produced quite a few experiences that showed me by the individual’s reactions – that not only was I valued by them but that I had been able to help them a little.

It was like liquid light that poured into my soul, taught me about my Selbstwirksamkeit and also that I truly enjoyed to see and feel the results after a successful coaching session.

This foundation of trust in my capabilities has helped me since to keep going forward.

Though I must add, I’m glad that I didn’t follow the actress’s advice right away. I think the initial “slow progress” when starting as a coach would have killed my motivation at that point of my career as I still heavily relied on outside aproval and recognition to define my self-worth.

Instead I looked around to get help and find inspiration. When I met my partner in December 2021, I already was sure I would go into nature coaching, combining it as I am doing it now, but I neither had a clear concept or a strategy to go about it. My darling greatly supported me back then and his continued believe in me has really been my backbone since!


— To be continued! —