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Explore with me how to eat healthy and sustainably!

Let’s change the way we eat and the sort of food we purchase.

And while we are at it, improve all our healthily too!

Remember: Living more healthly will not only benefits us, but also the environment and local economy.

Let’s make a difference – meal by meal!

Guide on Buying Bulk Food

Reading Time: 7 minutes   Why should you bother buying bulk food? In this quick guide you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of buying bulk and find solutions to common problems related to buying in a bulkform store. The…

A box of apples - featured image for thanksgiving.


Reading Time: 9 minutes Today, October 7th, is Thanksgiving in Germany (or as we call it: Erntedankfest) I personally have never really celebrated this event, but I want to say a few words of appreciation for my blessings! As mentioned…