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We live in the Age of ‘Throw-away & capitalist mindsets”. It’s time to think more sustainably:

  • How can we make more out of our resources?
  • How reduce our impact on the environment?

I think the real problem is, that most people are not aware of their consequences. And without awareness they can’t take responsibility for their actions.

Here you can learn how to develop the right mindset and habits.

header picture with the title world earth day 2019 - protect our species.

Happy World Earth Day 2019

Reading Time: 9 minutes ‘Protect our Species’ … is the theme of this year’s Earth Day. It’s a very important topic, as facts and numbers demonstrate clearly that something is going wrong. Our impact on the environment and biodiversity Why should it…
Celebrating World Earth Day 2018

Happy World Earth Day 2018!

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is April 22nd, also known as World Earth Day First started in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues Earth Day celebrates its 48th anniversary this year. It’s surprising that I only became aware of…