To think sustainably involves many things. But in my opinion it all starts with two ‘thinks’:

1. How can I use my mental resources wisely / in a good and productive way?

2. How can I improve my everyday life and work life to live more sustainably?

How to go about it

Figure out at which level you think and practice sustainability and go from there. It’s never too late to start or go back to strengthen your foundation. Indeed, it is highly recommended to do that to live the life you were meant to live.

You already know what your struggle is and want to find a solution. Check this section to jump right into your problems and start solving them by learning to think sustainably, i.e. learn healthy mindsets, attitudes and habits.

Not sure where to start?

Though I highly recommend to start checking out the levels first, if all you need is a bit of inspiration start here.

1. The mental levels

Level 0 – Unaware

Level 1 – Aware Consumer

Level 2 – Sustainability conscious consumer

Level 3 – Influencer

Level 4 – Thought leader

Are there more Levels?

2. Every hero has a challenge to overcome – What is yours?

You already know what your problem is and look for a solution?

Coming soon:

  • Finding my purpose
  • Building healthy habits
  • Relationships (Family, Friends, Partners and Colleagues)
  • Lack of support
  • Motivation and Inspiration / Dealing with failures and disappointments
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Health
  • Burn out and Stress

Want to learn what you can do right now, right away?

Great! Check out my Guide: 13 Habits that will help the planet.