How to not ‘Walk the Talk’ (Week 5)

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“Walk the talk”, huh?

I still hear Mark J.’s words ringing in my ears: “Finish strong!

It comforts me, as it tells me he KNEW that week 5 would be hard for us, but it also makes me sad, I wasn’t able to keep up with my big words from last week.

Yet I definitely know much better where I want to go.

And I have been walking towards those goals, but the Master Key Experience got the short end off that stick:

And so it happened – my first day missing out on reading or doing any of my homework.

It was a fun little adventure and so I’d like to share it with you, as it is full of learning metaphers 🙂


1. Keep going, no matter how steep it gets

Simply put, to earn my way in and cover some of my travel expenses I worked until 11pm last Friday. On my way to Leipzig I made good use of my time on the train by fiercly writing about not quitting (see week 4).

Finishing work at 11 pm, I caught the train to get to a town close to the seminar location – arriving at 0.45 am just to find out 5 min later, that the whole route I had planned to get to my “sleeping outside location” was going uphill – starting right at the train  station.

(But truth to be told: If you plan to sleep on a hill for nice views, you should expect as much.)

I soon found myself pushing my bike and bags up some hiking trail.

And not much longer, I found myself taking off the bags, carrying each up the slippery trail and struggling quite bit to get the empty bike pushed up also.

And that in the middle of the night. What had I gotten myself into?

But eventually the trail ceased to be steep. It continued to be too tight to ride and so I enjoyed a lovely night walk with my bike.


2. You are at the right place at the right time

I let go off the idea to make a detour to the peak, and instead took a side route.

I didn’t regret it, as it still gave me the same views over town.

Just without further sturggle 🙂

It was simply gorgeous and so refreshing (literally but also in my mind) to look down at the twinkling lights of the town Jena.

The moon shone bright above me – brighter than any of my lights.

It was a good sign.

One could say it was showing me the ‘right way’ – but when you figure out that there is a steep drop to your right – and  stone wall and steep ascend to your left – not many would miss this ‘right path’.

The only real choices I had were to continue or go back.

Luckily, I’m not afraid of heights and used to steep drop offs by now.

So I could enjoy the experiece. Indeed, I loved every moment off it!

I kept pushing my bike – my luggage made my bike way to unstable to ride next to a cliff.

The parts where the trail went through forest were exciting and calming at the same time.

Calming, because I felt home and was not afraid of wildlife to show up, as I would have been in Canada.

Exciting, because I found pieces of the moon on the forest floor:

Little shiny parts that turned out to be rain drops from an earlier shower were now reflecting the moon on the floor.

(Was I in a fairy-tale forest yet? )

I soon found my bench to roll out my matress and sleeping bag on. By then it was around 2 am and all I could think of was getting warm again and close my eyes for a couple hours or more.

MKE just had to wait for the morrow.

3. Don’t put things off for tomoworrow

Awaking occationally from the cold I somehow made it through the nigh just to arise to the awakening town.

I had nothing to prepare myself a hot meal or drink, so I packed up.

My way to the seminar was facing some more challenges, like: How to get down & find the way to the seminar location – a cabin in the middle of nowhere <3

I eventually was running late for the start of it. But then my bike picked up an 1 inch thick stick. It went straight into my wheel and somehow managed to bent my gear shifter in a way that rendered my bike unusuable.

When stuff hits the pan… it gets only worse, huh? (But I can laugh about it now!)

I now had to walk again and was running about 30min late – but at least it was a pleasant trail to be stuck at!

Left and right of me was nature shining at it’s best in its fall colors whhich were intensified brilliantly by an early morning light (golden hour <3).

As soon as I arrived, I juped right into the seminar and was kept busy until late at night, when I had the choice to excuse myself (and do my homework) or make use of the opportunity to spent the evening with the 2 other like-minded individuals, who stayed at the cabin with me.

Blame Corona or whatever, being with people was simplier more important to me.


4. Never break a habit or promise

And as we all know, breaking a habit once can easily disrupt the routine.

And that is exactly what happened.

Yes, “I must not miss a day” Og Mandino wrote, it is true.

If you want to establish a new habit, missing a day can be dangerous. The old blueprint (habits) will walk right back into that space you made and it takes a lot of energy to drive them out again.

If you want to change, stick to it – I hope I’ve learned that lesson.

After trying to fix my bike problem half the week – I’m still 2 days behind my homework.

But I am not quitting yet!

I’m neither quitting the MKE, nor “being busy” as I keep attracting trouble.

5. Giving it 100 % needs 110%

Going all-in or giving 100% – A number I can only dream of.

No matter how I look at it – 100% takes a lot of dedication, determination and consistency.

I guess just doing the homework is not enough, I must start by figuring out a new routine for myself. That clearly sets times and figures out a way to ensure I stick to it.

The 10% I need to start with to achieve the other 100%.

So that I don’t fall asleep, when I should be working on my dreams in the evening, any more.

So that I don’t have to fight competing priorities all the time.

Because those things consume a lot of my energy.

Or time – that could be invested in sleeping 8hrs a day to regain energy – instead of writing my blog at 3 am in the morning.

So yes, determination is there. Or can be there.

But how to engage it 100%?

I really look up to everyone who manages to do it all, every day, despite having a family, 8-15 work and who knows not what other challenges!

6. Keep the end goal in mind & Start to ‘Walk the Talk’

Right now my  goal clearly is to hit bed.

But I hope this writing will show that we all struggle with similar problems. I read that in other MKE’s students blog posts, too: Some inspiring ones I found this week: Peter’s / Crystal’s .

Your adventures might look different, but to master self-control and your available time is a huge challenge, for all of us.

And whilst I neglected the Master Key Experience (i.e. myself-development), I at least moved closer to my DMP. I didn’t ditch my dream and that’s what matters most!

I ‘grew’ on the fields of knowledge through the seminars, meeting people and making connections, an enlongended session at the libery, reading books and writing down ideas for the thing I want to manifest.

The end goal is much clearer now and it’s a delight to feel that I got closer to it!

That being said, my new focus will be on:

“Knowledge is potential – Action/Applied knowledge is power”.

PS: I’m not finished with my press release / homework yet – but here’s the start of it 🙂


  1. I enjoyed very much reading your blog post Kristin! Thank you for sharing so honestly! And your conclusion really got to my heart: “Knowledge is potential – Action/Applied knowledge is power”. I am happy for your experiences this week and I’m looking forward to what is coming next!

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