Starting the Master Key Experience (Week 1)

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I’m in!

The excitement I felt when I saw my name on the list of successful applicants, can hardly be put into words. It was like a happy foreboding feeling. Like “This is big! This, the Master Key Experience by Mark J. and The fabolous Davene, will be my ticket to sustainable change!”

‘Sustainable change’ ?

Yes, haha, it is a blog about sustainability after all. So I figured I could squeeze it in.

What I mean in this context is sustainable change as in long lasting change. As you probably know, it is not easy to change habits – whether it is living without added sugar, without plastic, going vegetarian or vegan or simply trying to reduce your footprint through conscious daily effort (like using a bicycle to go to work), the beginning of establishing a new habit takes real effort until our body and mind get used to it.

Learning and personal growth has been a thing or me, even before I started blogging in 2018. But since I started TEALs I have come to realize that I need and want to grow a lot more!

Not just for myself, to be a better person, but also for everyone else I interact with!


But it’s hard when you are by yourself….

It’s much easier when you have support!

AND the right motivation and mindset!


Starting the Master Key Experience

So this is where the Master Key Experience course enters the stage.

It’s 6 months of support, encouragement and inspiration.

Of pushing you to be diligent and do your homework (or you get kicked-out!).

And helping you through a mastermind alliance and community.

Did I mention you also get a personal guide/ mentor?

All that, for as good as free (costs $1 to apply). In return you pay with your time – to make sure you stick to the program – which is the only way to secure success. And success btw stands for reaching your dreams!

It defnitely sounds too good to be true, right?


My first week

As this week of the Master Key Experience has come and passed, reality has slowly started to sink in:

  • I have comitted 6 months to my personal growth.

6 months of daily effort! That takes a minimum of an hour and a half each day! OMG!!!

  • Besides I realize just how challenging it really is, to find time to commit to the tasks as I have no established routine.

My last years have been marked by a very irregular schedule. I felt super busy all the time, yet at the end of each day, my achievements felt little. At the same time my to-do lists kept growing….

I had wanted to break free of this and add a bit more of routine, add more time to catch up on old projects – like this blog – but instead was driven by my unsatisfied self to take up new projects left and right… I knew it was too much, but often I simply couldn’t say no when s.o. approached me, nor could I shake off an new big idea I had.

Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours. Which is really only 16 hrs if you try to sleep the recommended 8 hrs.

It sounds a lot, but still somehow it is not enough. I’m sure you can relate, right?

And here I am trying to chip out another 1,5 hours out of what feels like a way too busy life. I can already hear my subconscious say “NOT Again! Geez!”

  • That I am full of excuses. Of course I was aware of it, but having it sink in, is like a slap in the face.

All the things I wrote above are the proof of it: When things get too much, the mind tries to protect us by making up such excuses. Call them white lies to yorself, if you want.

Yet they remain excuses, because where there is a will, there is a way, right?

I also know, that the excuse is Bullshit in most cases, since if often is not about ‘finding time’, simply because:

You make the time.

You priortize and schedule time for what you want to do.

And the more important and/ or urgent it is – the more you stick to the plan, you have made.

Sounds so ‘simple’, right?

But, you and I know, it is not.

Over the course of the last week, I was challenged to be disciplined. To do more than just meet the absolutely necessary deadlines (i.e. priorities, like being on time for work and university classes).

I would lie if I could say that I met all my requirements for this new experience, yet I have still learned a great deal and it are these subtle changes of my beliefs and the heaviness of reality sinking in, that mark my greatest learnings over the last week!


Take away’s

I have been aware of  Bob Proctor’s teachings about the Law of Attration for half a year now and I see a great similarity between the Law of Attraction and the Master Key Experience‘s teachings.

No surprise, as the creators both were influenced by Napoleon Hill’s famous book ‘Think and grow rich‘.

With so many followers of both teachings, not to mention the millions of fans of ‘Think and grow rich‘.
With so many success stories to speak for themselves – I came to realize:

Why should I be different?

If it works for and resonates with so many people – Why should it not work for me?


In the end it is not about luck.

It is about diligence, about a real effort to change your mindset.

Including (but not limited to) a real effort to figure out what you really want in life.

And how exactly you want it to come into life – to have a clear vision of your dream.


It’s because I can’t figure out the latter 2 points that I struggle, that I procrastinate. Simply, because I lack clarity.

Yet my belief in this universal power that “waits to establish itself into physical reality through the power of our thoughts“  is growing.


To put it in a metapher

It’s like a seed has been planted into fertile soil and starts to grow it’s first leafs and roots.

The roots might hit rocks and tightend dirt (tightly knit mindsets and negative beliefs) that slow it down, but it has sprouted and it’s will to grow into a big tree is strong and thus it keeps growing!

– Like so the things that I have learned over the past week are slowly starting to sproud and I know that through diligent repetition they will be carved into my subconsciousness, just like the roots of that seedlings will dig through the soil.

I feel that to truly believe in it, is a key to make it work… the other one is, as boring as it may sound: repetiton.

“Repetition is key” – I have heard that from so many thought leaders of our time.

Repetition and sticking to it – not giving up – even if it does not work as you wish, right away.


Push and Pull

What I love about the program is that it pushes you to give your best – to DO, not just read and think. Because it is action we need!

On a sidenote: Battling climate change, fighting for human rights or animal rights, making the world a better place – all solutions have one comman nomintor:

Action. Only through doing we can create change.

And yes, it is hard to stick to it.

Yes, it consumes a lot of time. To make that time you will have to make sacrifices (don’t sacrifice time for self-care or those you love (unless they pull you down!).

But if I follow the instructions and allow the ‘homework’ to help me change my subconscious and let go off bad and limiting habits, it seems a fair price to pay!

At the same time the Mastery Key Community and personal guide will pull you. Keep you going as you find yourself in a community of like minded people that all have the same goal:

Make their dreams come true.

Such an inspiring environment is a great motivator.

For example: I was reading Mark J.’s Post of week 1 (find it here), which I found incredibly insightful and funny.

He described me to a Tee in it!


Mind shift

Reading his article, I somehow felt supported a great deal – simply by reminding me that we all struggle to take upon new habits.

Because we are addicted to the hormones that get released in our body when we do what we do. Whether the things we do are positive/ enriching or negative/ detrimental to us – our body just wants more of these hormones!

And that is, why it is so difficult to let go of habits, even those we know are bad for us.

Or as Og Mandino would say:

“My actions are ruled by appetite, passion, prejudice, greed, love, fear, environment, habit, and the worst of these tyrants is habit.”

Lastly, I am starting to notice the shift of my mind.

Yes, I was busy. Last week, I had a week of practical university classes and thus all of us students tried to make the most out of this experience, since we usually only see each other virtually. Yet if one wanted to find some space for themselves – one could have.

Just like I did the very last night before handing in my first assignment: My definite major purpose (DMP).

Everyone respected my diligence and some who were around when I finished at 2AM actually were impressed by the fact that I had something that I wanted to finish so bad, that was so mportant to me, that I would stay up until such time in the morning while everyone else was partying.

I need to stop blaming circumstances and embrace my personal responsibility (and power!).

Make my own schedule and stick to it.

And if I should change it, to carefully weight and consider my priorities first, before going with the flow and thus get distracted.


Because, what I really want to do is change my life.

Achieve my goals.

Be content with the life that I live.


Wanting that is not selfish at all! I mean, don’t we all want that?

As my goals include the happiness and well-being of others, besides my own, they are worth fighting for and taking in any discomfort from challenging myself, my old habits and my own internal beliefs.

They are worth ‘missing out on things’ – which is, by-the-way, one of my greatest fears: The fear to miss out.

I learned this about me some months ago and ever since, I keep seeing how this fear has been a red thread in my life since I was a young child.

But this time, I’m not missing out – I’m in! 🙂

‘In’ as in an experience that will change me – no, has already changed me – and will continue to do so.

‘In’ as in having found a place that can help me grow, provides me with a community of like-minded people.


And as I am only starting the Master Key Experience

I better make sure, I don’t let my subconsciousness let me drop out through self-sabbotage, procrastination or doubt – because this time it seems like I could succeed at changing sustainably!

As sharing my experiences and growth is part of the Master Key Experience, you can expect to see weekly updates me from now on.

I invite you to to join and learn with me, as I share my insights and progress and if you should feel the urge to take part in the MKE here is an link to register for the next course:


    • Thank you Nancy. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I have often felt what I lacked to stay motivated was a supportive community or mastermind – looks like I’ve finally attracted it! I look forward to getting to know everyone 🙂

  1. Great blog Kristin! Your strong desire and determination are going to take you far on your journey. I’m looking forward to follow you and to take part of all your discoveries thru Master Key Experience.

  2. “In the end it is not about luck.

    It is about diligence, about a real effort to change your mindset.

    Including (but not limited to) a real effort to figure out what you really want in life.“

    Your post is filled with many good. Insights, but the ones above, especially the one on making a real effort to figure out what one want is bedrock. I am convinced that nothing happens until one knows the answer to that question. It is odd that discovering what we really want should be such a challenge.

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