To quit or to quit (Week 4)

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To Quit or to Quit? It’s the hardest question you will continuously face in life – yet it is a widely unknown dilemma.

Or were you aware of it?

2006: After finishing my last high school year, I told myself to be done already with the learning BS and swore I would never put myself through such a threadmill again.

15 years later I can only look back at that wish and laugh! Ever since I’ve made that statement I’ve attracted exactly that which I had disliked so much, worse, been drawn to environments – like a moth to the light – in which there was no choice but to learn (or quit)!

Already in 2020 I completely quit this resolve, by signing up for university – finally.

Though it had been the prospect of studying non-stop at University, again learning things that did not interest me the least (math and physics…). Or having to hammer in facts and dates of things into my head again, which vanished as son as I put my pen to the paper and handed it in.

OR any other tedious study of information, which I could not even imagine that I would ever need it agan in my life (at 18 years).

Blame the school-system, if you will. It killed my inborn curiosity and wish to learn.

Luckily, once I was free to learn what I was interested in – I really started to enjoy it, again.

Once I could make a connection to my future, studying really wasn’t so bad, as I re-deiscovered during my 2.5 years apprenticeship.

“Victory starts in the head,” they say.

I guess it’s true.

The idea of going to university to study someting I was actually interested in and that would matter to me and my life, had long grown in my head. Until it finally found fruiting/ victory in my current bachelor (Outdoor sport and adventure management <3 in case you wondered).

But back to the topic

On the long way to where I am now I’ve been continously forced t0 learn, as travelling kept opening up new learning environments for me, forcing me to face the question “to quit or to quit”.

Again and again.

Looking at the long list of jobs on my CV – likely more than many other people. Though always with less dept than others who stayed – I just wanted to know the environment – to understand the world I live in better – not necessarily get stuck in it.

In those instances I chose to quit. But when I started – jumped in first – I always decided to not quit on difficult or tedious tasks but instead quit my impatience, my dislike of the task or some few people I worked with (who were rather unfair and used me to bolster their EGO).

To quit or to quit

It may be this weeks theme of the MKE, but honestly it is a question we meet with every day!

Are you going to quit the MKE or quit your old blueprint and work 100% to install a new one?

It’s a big decision – since it takes  SO much time and a serious effort to make it happen!

But it’s all present:

Let’s say you are running. Will you quit to run and quit your resolution to do 10laps, 10 km, or even just 5min more today.

Or will you quit your comfort, fight hard, get exhausted, bt keep going and be more confident and in better shape afterwards, since you manged to do it?

For some, like me, when I thought I wanted to start, 10years ago: Will you quit the sofa to actually put on your shoes and leave the house.

For many of us that might be a much harder quit (of comfort) already than doing just 5 min longer.

It’s the same for anything in life. Will you stay until the goal or a certain date is reached or will you quit your resoltion, your goals and dreams?

It’s a fundamental question.

And can be really difficult:

Like, will you quit a job you hate to find work you love or quit the safety of knowing that you will be able to feed your family 3 meals a day.

Or, will you quit your narcisstic partner or abusive relatonships and feel lonely, go through hardships the other person will likely put you through or will you quit your personal liberty and sacrifice it for the safety of “the known”.

Just writing out these scenarios makes me very grateful, for not being nor ever have been in such a situation as above.

I’m blessed to only need to make a decision between: going all-in,therefore going after my dreams! Or quitting to struggle and go back to living not too uncomfortable life without pupose.

Even when writing this, I know which way I want to go.

100% is difficult to give.

I definitely struggle with my priorities.

But each time I get up and do my “homework”, I know I am closing the gap to living a life of purpose a bit more.

Not only that.

“Helping Others” is one of my two needs, that I definitely want to realize, and so each time I work on myself I work on becoming a better guide, teacher, mentor and nurture my own mental health.

Because you can only help others, when you yourself are on safe ground.

Remember: Put on the oxygen mask first, then you can go save the rest of the crashing airplane. 😉


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