Black screen of death and my summer away

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It’s been a long break!

For the last few months I have been travelling/volunteering in Canada, as has been my “routine” these last few years. Knowing, I would have but little time and internet to keep my blog updated, I still hoped to manage it somehow while making my travel plans. And thus hoping I bought a new work laptop for this purpose, as my old travelling buddy (a netbook fom 2012) was simply too slow. This time I bought one with a good screen that goes easy on your eyes and also has an acceptable sRGB display for my work projects as a starting photographer and videographer.

A black screen surely is no fun…

But as life has it, things usually do not work out as they are planned – at least for me this statement has been very true throughout my life – and so my shiny new laptop blacked out hardly 2 weeks after I finally made up my mind (about which one I could afford and that fulfilled my high expectations). Two weeks only! It so happened to happen on the very day I was about to leave Berlin, heading to Canada. Just when I was attempting to send my boarding card to the hostel in order to help me print it. (The whole situation still reminds me very much of the song “Isn’t it ironic?”)

Climate Reality Leader Corps Event

Prior to this saddening event I had spend several days at the Climate Reality Leader training in Berlin. During which I had manged to pass around a few of my freshly printed business cards. It’s hard to describe the  disappointment I felt, of not only being set back by more than a week of not backed up work, but als unable to continue on my blog and other projects as I had planned to do. Especially after handing out business cards, knowing that I might be unable to blog for the next three months as a result. (Though I put some hopes into blogging through my phone, which proved unpracticable – to me at least.)

The good news were though, that I was able to find a open post office and sent it in for fixing before taking my flight roughly 3 hours later. Thus knowing that at least the warranty would take care of the problem, and well hoping that it might have been only the batteries and I might be spared a complete wipe of my hard drive.

Yet, as it turned out now, that I have returned, everything was gone. So there’s a life lesson that is probably good to have learned early on: Always back up everything you do not want to lose!

My summer

As always it was: busy, short and had some good adventures in store for me. When I think about it, the higlights were definitely:

  • The Climate Reality Leader Event (first such event I attented and without knowing anyone either!) – Read more
  • Followed by a road trip with a friend to explore more of Canada’s regional parks, in particular the beautiful protected grassland areas it has to offer. – Read more
  • Staying at a wilderness lodge without proper electricity (power was only available for a limited amount of hours a day as it was supplied by a generator) and meeting the first female hunt guide in BC – Gerry Bracewell. Definitely, a good living example of female empowerment.
  • Meeting and bonding with a wonderful dog called Sasha. I never seen a more cute doggie princess; that was as well behaved as her. And never felt as safe, when by myself in the wilderness, as with her (and a horse) to keep me company.
  • Joining a 10-Day Pack trip through the mountains and being able to assist with my past knowledge.
  • Exploring Potato Mountain on several excursions.
  • Eventually seeing six Grizzly Bears in about 1,5 weeks, after wondering for almost two months, why I had such bad luck this season. (Yes, I am spoiled: So far, I have been blessed to savely encounter them quite a few times every year I travel in Canada!)
  • Joining a horse clinic by Evan Howarth, and learning about how to train horses; and about how little I actually know about working with green horses!
  • Rounded up by a family trip to the high tatra’s (Slovakia), where I got to see several Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) and two foxes, on different occasions. The foxes obviosuly were used to people and to my surprise came running closer to me, when they saw my camera pointed at them.

That’s a lot of highlights for 3 months

This short amount of time also created a big stack of pictures (and video clips) waiting to be sorted, edited and to be send to the people in them. And many new fresh ideas, to think about! I really want to write about these highlights at some time, or at least share with you some of the bliss of travelling, especially when done so in an environmentally friendly way and in inspiring nature, that ought and need to be protected for our future generations to enjoy.

So stay tuned 🙂

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