Why become a Sustainability Leader?

Alfalfa and meadow goat's beard are considered invasive in North America.

‘Why it matters’

1. WHY: For the planet.

I want to protect this beautiful natural world we still get to experience – the innocent wildlife including those tree’s that have been around “forever”.

There are also the incredibly complex natural systems that have been formed over time.

All the little things that make our world work without us knowing about it.

We simply can’t afford to lose any of the puzzle pieces.

2. WHY: For me, myself and I.

It’s all about me!

I know that by living consciously and by following my values, I will live a more authentic, healthier and fullfilled life.

And I definitely want all of these things. What about you?

What I don’t want is to die knowing that I didn’t even try to have a positve impact and make the world a better place.

Not do I want to have to face my end realizing that I didn’t live up to my own expectations of how my life should have been.

Person walking through the golden grassland landscape.
A person walking through the grasslands.

3. WHY: For our future generations.

I guess, because I believe it is unfair, if not selfish, to just take without giving back.

To not care about what will be left for the next generation and the ones after.

There needs to be a balance and consideration for all.